Having a powerful soccer kick can help you and also your team in plenty of areas. Powerful shots, an unified with accuracy, have actually a much greater chance the scoring. In addition, the more difficult you kick the ball, the additional it goes. This enables you to it is in a large asset on passes and cost-free kicks.

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Kicking a football ball quick is not natural and also must it is in practiced. When the finest can absent a ball quicker than a auto travels on the freeway, also recreational children and also adults deserve to pack a punch with their soccer kicks.

​How quick Can You kick a soccer Ball?

So far in history, Ronny Heberson has actually the document for the fastest soccer kickwith a lining 132 miles per hour. It’s even immortalized in the Guinness book of human being Records. It’s been years and also it’s however to it is in beaten by another impeccable player.

Others who have come close room professional, optimal of the line athleteslike David Hirst v 114 miles every hour, Steven Reid, and David Beckham, both through 98 miles per hour.


For one ambitious soccer player, those numbers might be a dream away however for an mean player, the question still stands about how quick a football ball deserve to be kicked.

According come calculations through experts, a soccer sphere can obtain up come a speed of 80 miles per hour top top the average. However, it’s still rather a high number for typical people.

Ultimately, it will depend on numerous factors such together the ball’s weight, product or how an effective the kick was – not consisting of the wind and also pressure, which will certainly vary depending upon a particular setting.

Factors affecting the rate of the Ball

On a normal and also fair game, a peak quality soccer ball from the industry must meet these requirements:

Spherical in shapeCircumference that 68 – 70 centimetersWeight the 410 – 450 grams

The Physics the Kicking a soccer Ball

If you’re going to carry science into it, you’ll discover that somephysics conceptscan be used to know how quick the sphere is going to relocate once kicked. Newton’s laws of motionin certain explain the trajectory of soccer balls relying on different species of kicks.


There’s a huge difference in the means the ball moves once you use a “toe kick” (using the guideline of her toes or shoes) matches a “banana kick” (using the political parties of your feet). That will determine the direction the ball moves towards and also how the ball rolls while in the air.

According come the laws of motion, when kicked, the round will gradually decrease speed because of the friction that goes versus it in the air. The speed, therefore, is substantially in the player’s manage as the force exerted on the absent will influence how quick or slow it will certainly fall earlier to the ground.

Power and Speed the the Kick

According tolivestrong.com, James Watkins cases in his paper,“An advent to the Biomechanics that Sport and also Exercise”,that the moment it takes for a soccer player’s foot come hit the ball is 0.05 seconds. It then sends out the ball right into the air v a velocity the 30 meters per second or 67 miles every hour.

The actual typical numbers room pinned under by Eleftherios Kellis in“Biomechanical Characteristics and Determinants that Instep soccer Kick”.

From research, it shows that youth football athletes v premium cleats because that kicking can send the sphere to speeds varying from 30-40 miles per hour (mph), when a non-professional adult can generally reach speeds of 50-60 mph.

Nowadays, apps favor theAdidas photo appcan measure how quick you deserve to kick a soccer sphere through your phone camera. This knowledge can really affect the method you train because you can focus your initiatives on the significant skill essential for the sport.

You can likewise practice kicking the sphere harder. There arecertain approaches to masterthat will aid you kick the soccer round a many harder, however you willdefinitely construct this skillas friend train with your team.

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Benefits the Kicking the sphere Fast

There are rather a couple of benefits of gift able to put a most power and speed behind your kicks, together as:



Obviously, kicking the ball quick needs come be merged with accuracy. Once you integrate these two factors, you end up being quite a dynamic and influential player ~ above the football pitch.