Hi there I'm 16 and I'm trying to find average times because that 100m because that my age and also the times because that older eras (I'm looking also see where I have to be and also what I have to be aiming for.) however I don't it seems to be ~ to be able to find this. I would like something that has drawn averages from statistics from many times not simply people's opinions. Give thanks to you.

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All athletes are various man! friend get beforehand developers and late bloomers and the old mean joes. Additionally it counts what type of level you want to be running at and likewise where you live.

True, Im to run 13.5 - 12.9 at the moment however I have actually only just begun training, is the time an okay location to begin at?

You can gain a sense of median 100m times by going come athletic.net and looking increase high school satisfy results from her area. Be affected by each other in psychic that human being who contend in track are quicker than those who don't. If you're looking for a populace average (eg. Time for anyone in your school for 100m, nevertheless of even if it is they do track), I'm not sure that type of data exists. Yet you can acquire a sense of competition averages from Athletic.

As because that training -- starting from wherein you're at is fine. If sprinting is her focus, make sure you're training sprinting skills: short intervals (5x20m with an excellent rest in between) to train acceleration and general explosiveness. Long distance (even 200m repeats) will certainly not substantially help your 100m time.

14 year old sophomore here

Times for referral 100: 12.07 200: 24.74 400: 58:65

Seeing together you're just starting out I'd to speak you have great potential of friend stick through it and train.

Average times for your age (freshman year in hs) are around 13.4-12.7 because that my state. Together for your goals don't set limits on yourself you will certainly run as fast as her training will certainly take you. The longer/harder girlfriend train the much faster you have the right to be.

Those aren't average times. Those room self selected sprinters v some talent or early on muscle development. Quick seniors in XC are about there.

Don't listen to this man OP. Ns honestly don't know enough about times to offer you a good average, however I can tell girlfriend it's no under 11.3.

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