1 You use at the very least to say that a number or lot is the smallest that is feasible or likely and also that the really number or amount might be greater. The creates at the least and at the an extremely least are also used. ♦at least  phrase PHR amount, quantity PHR Aim to have at least fifty percent a pint that milk every day..., usually it has only had eleven or twelve members in all. Currently it will have seventeen at the really least.  

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2 You use at least to say the something is the minimum that is true or possible. The forms at the least and also at the very least are additionally used. ♦at least 
 phrase PHR through cl/group She might take a nice holiday at least..., at the least, I needed some sleep..., His possession of classified files in his residence was, at the an extremely least, a violation of Navy security regulations.  
3 You use at least to suggest an advantage that exists despite the disadvantage or bad situation that has just to be mentioned. ♦at least 
 phrase PHR with cl We"ve no idea what his state of health and wellness is but at the very least we recognize he is still alive..., If something terrible happens come you at the very least you deserve to write about it.  
4 You use at least to show that you are correcting or an altering something the you have just said. ♦at least 
 phrase PHR with cl/group It"s not challenging to obtain money for study or at least it"s not always difficult...  
5  adj 
You usage the the very least to average a smaller sized amount 보다 anyone or anything else, or the smallest amount possible. the ADJ n  (Antonym: most) I shot to offend the the very least amount of people possible..., If you prefer cheese, go for the ones with the least fat.    Least is additionally a pronoun., pron the PRON  (Antonym: most) On education funding, Japan performs ideal but spends the the very least per student.    Least is additionally an adverb., adv the ADV ~ v Damming the river may end up benefitting those who need it the least.  
6  adv 
You use least to indicate that who or something has less that a particular quality than many other things of that kind. ADV adj/adv  (Antonym: most) The the very least experienced athletes had caused a great many false-starts v the day"s proceedings...  
7  adj 
You use the least to emphasize the smallness the something, especially when it hardly exist at all. the ADJ n  (emphasis) I don"t have actually the least idea of what you"re talk about..., They neglect their duty in ~ the least hint of funny elsewhere...  
8  adv 
You use least to indicate that miscellaneous is true or wake up to a smaller level or extent than anything rather or at any kind of other time. ADV through v  (Antonym: most) He had a means of throwing her off guard v his charm when she least expected it.  
9  adj 
You use least in structures where you space emphasizing that a particular situation or occasion is much less essential or serious than other feasible or yes, really ones. ADJ the def-n  (emphasis) Having to obtain up at 3 o"clock every morning was the least of she worries..., At that moment, lock were amongst the the very least of the comes to of the government.  
10  pron 
You use the the very least in frameworks where you are stating the minimum that need to be done in a situation, and also suggesting that more should really be done. the PRON cl Well, the the very least you deserve to do, if you won"t help me yourself, is come tell me whereby to go instead..., The the very least his hotel can do is administer a little privacy.  
11 You have the right to use in the least and also the the very least bit to emphasize a negative. ♦in the least 
 phrase with brd-neg, PHR through cl, PHR adj  (emphasis) I"m not like that at all. Not in the least..., I"m not in the least bit touch by the Marilyn Monroe type of beauty..., Alice wasn"t the least bit frightened.  
12 You use last however not the very least to say that the last human being or thing to be stated is as necessary as every the others. ♦last however not least  phrase PHR v cl/group ...her four sons, Christopher, pair Daniel and also Nicholas, and also last however not least 2-year-old Jack.  
13 You have the right to use least of every after a an unfavorable statement to emphasize the it applies especially come the human or thing mentioned. ♦least the all 
 phrase with brd-neg, PHR cl/group  (emphasis) No one ever reads these articles, least of all me..., together a speech have to never have actually been made, least of all by a so dubbed responsible politician.  
14 You deserve to use not the very least to emphasize a an especially important example or reason. ♦not least  phrase PHR cl/group  (emphasis) Dieting deserve to be poor for you, not least due to the fact that it is a cause of stress..., everyone is an ext reluctant to travel these days, not the very least the Americans.  
15 You have the right to use to say the the very least to indicate that a case is in reality much more extreme or major than you speak it is. ♦to speak the least  phrase PHR with cl  (emphasis) Accommodation was straightforward to say the least..., some members that the public can be a little abusive come say the least.  

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