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1940 Artistic picture Publishing Co brand-new York Prints of beforehand Victorian Life. 12"x14". 6 pc Lot. Titles incorporate Dropping the Handkerchief, The See-Saw, The Wreath, The Poem, The Music Lesson, The Letter.

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Internet Premium : 17.5%Participation Requirements: Valid credit transaction Card forced for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and also CheckVisaMasterCardDiscoverAmerican ExpressPayment Instructions: We will certainly charge your credit transaction Card on paper Auction Day v your total purchases, buyers premium, and also sales taxes if you"re in California, uneven you have actually a resale allow on file. Your credit transaction card will certainly be fee a second time with all shipping fees a few days latter, uneven we have to use an external shipping agency for bigger items. Every items are shipped by our in home shipping dept unless otherwise informed. Any refused payment via inspect or credit transaction card might be topic to 25.00 dealing with fee uneven you have actually notified the auction home you have another card to use, you have actually 48 hours from the auctions end to execute this.Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: per OUR TERMS the YOU agreed TO as soon as YOU REGISTERED to BID all SALES ARE final NO returns OR REFUNDS!Shipping will certainly be tackled Our in residence shipping dept.. A taking care of fee of $5.00 per crate (up come 18" x 18" x 18") $7.00 per box for larger boxes will be included to the shipping costs. Any kind of order end 50.00 will call for a signature as result of credit map chargeback policies, uneven you send us a signed waiver which makes you responsible because that the package as soon as it hits her porch.Exact shipping prices plus $5.00 or $7.00 dealing with per box.Lots will be an unified to conserve fees whereby possible. Insurance money is required. Most items will certainly ship either Fed Ex floor or USPS. Larger items subject to distinct fees where provided or stated by the auctioneer or post in the catalog.Preview date & Times: Day prior to 3pm it spins 6pm or auction day 2 hrs prior to auction. Any kind of PUBLISHED TIMES will OVERRIDE these TIMES!Checkout day & Times: every items must be paid for auction day, unless prior arrangements have been made.You may pickup items auction job or the following company day if her in the area, please contact for pickup arrangements. 714-447-4788.Location: 1160 eastern Ash Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831Driving Directions: 91 fwy exit Raymond. Walk north revolve left top top Ash Ave, monitor signs.

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All bidders must register and have a bidder number to ar bids at the auction.All items will be offered to the greatest bidder. Please speak to (714) 447-4788 with any kind of questions friend have around items or terms & conditions.Announcements made by the auctioneer ~ above the work of the sale take it precedence over any printed product pertaining come this sale.The auctioneer reserves the right to clear up any and also all disputes and his decision shall be final.Bidders should inspect the merchandise before bidding to recognize its condition and understand the he/she is purchase the merchandise based completely on his or her own opinion.There space no warrants - intended, expressed, or implied regarding the merchantability or fitness of use of any item offered at this sale. Every items are offered "As-Is".All sales are final. No Returns.Read, look and also understand what you room buying as soon as your bid is vested the article is yours no matter what to be pictured or written, you should ask every questions prior to the auction.Do not shed your bidder number. You room responsible for all charges to her bidder number.Acceptable payment techniques are: Cash, Check, Visa, master Card, American Express, & discover Card.All merchandise have to be paid in full prior to released come buyer.All merchandise should be gotten rid of from the auction website on the day of auction unless bought ~ above the internet. Or prior arrangements made.All items were graded by figure only, no boxes or to run ability.Auctioneer may bid to safeguard sellers to make reservation price oron behalf of missing bidders.
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