This ceremony is intended for Webelos scouts. Required:Seven candlesScript:Akela: this evening we are assembled to respect Webelos Scouts the have lugged honor come our fill as they have climbed the Cub Scouting trail together. These Webelos Scouts are now ready to enter the good adventure of young Scouting. V the aid of willing parents they will soon start increase the boy Scout trail. As your surname is called, you re welcome come forward through your parents. Baloo: (call out each scout name)(Continue as soon as all are in position)Akela: The seven candles prior to you represent the seven virtues of life. This virtues are additionally represented in the seven rays the the arrowhead of light award. As these candles space lighted, listen and take to love the meaning of each.(Candles room lighted by Baloo) Akela: WISDOM. Having actually wisdom doesn"t mean that you are smarter 보다 others. It means that you usage what you know to live a much better life. Akela: COURAGE. Courage does not typical you have no are afraid of danger. It way that friend can face danger in spite of your fear. Akela: SELF-CONTROL. This means being able come stop as soon as you have actually had sufficient of something, such together eating, playing, or also working also much. Akela: JUSTICE. Justice method being fair through others we play and also work with, nevertheless of that they are. Akela: FAITH. Confidence is id in God and also things we cannot see however feel are true. Akela: HOPE. Hope way to look front to an excellent things you believe will happen. You expect for much better things tomorrow, however at the very same time you work tough today to make them happen. Akela: LOVE. Over there are numerous kinds that love. Love of family, home, other people, God, and country. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life. Akela: By act your finest to live through these 7 virtues, friend will find a more happiness and an ext fulfilling life. Akela: that is currently my satisfied to congratulate friend on a fine and memorable course through Cub Scouts.

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To signify your transition from Cub Scouts to boy Scouts, ns ask the your parents currently remove her neckerchief and shoulder loops and hold them.Akela: countless of you have chosen a young Scout troop to join. Together your surname and brand-new troop number are called, please let me offer you a bye handshake and then go to that troop"s representative to it is in welcomed right into their group.(Baloo calls every scout name)Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster the troops can present the environment-friendly Boy enlightenment shoulder loops, troop neckerchief, scout Handbook, and also any other items as is customary.Click one come vote: did you choose it?
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