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The format of this production permits for theatre teams to overcome gender plenty of of the nonsingingroles. As it has actually a an extremely high comic style, mrs members of a company can playroles such together Captain Speedy, mr Oysterpuf and Reverend Wilson etc. Together ‘gentlemen’. Ithas countless roles and can likewise be presented in a means that is an ideal for all teams with ahigh volume of woman members. It is all down to the comic personalities they can play. Falsebeards and moustaches will include to the humorous quality of the piece. Bandits, servants,townspeople, natives are all interchangeable about speaking roles.

Main Characters and also Suggested Doubling


Phileas Fogg40 years old. The epitome of the brothers stiff top lip. Stoic, reserved.Upright and also gentlemanly. Politeness embodied. Rational, calm,generous and also with finish self-control. Unfazed by anything.Totally centred top top one point – proving the the world can be traversedin eighty days.


Passepartout30 year old. Wily French valet of Fogg. Acrobatic, physical. Comical.Honest, exudes warmth. Brave. Flamboyant. Excitable andresourceful. He is fiercely faithful to his master.


Inspector Fix50 years old. Single minded, dyed-in-the-wool old school policeman.East end cockney. Comical in his unshakable belief that Fogg is therobber that the financial institution of England. Proud that his reputation together a tenaciousman that the law. His motto – I always get mine man. Easily frustrated.


Aouda20 -30 year old. Parsee Indian princess. Educated in England.Demure. Sometimes display screens a quiet strength. Beautiful andemotional. Caring, thoughtful and also loyal. She grows to love Fogg forhis kind heart and also care.

Gauthier Ralph50-60 year old. Express ‘Rafe’. Director of the financial institution ofEngland. Portly. Old school British. Complete of gout, senior member ofthe club. Proud.Suggested doubling: Brig.Gen. Teacher Francis Cromarty 50 years old. Gilbert and also Sullivan’s major General.Archetypal Upper class Englishman.

Andrew Stuart45-55 year old. An engineer. Pessimistic, sneering, slightly slimy.The chef disbeliever. Upper class. Thin and also willowy.Suggested doubling:John Bunsby 45-55 year old. A braided seadog. The sea is his home. Ravished bysea connected accidents. Eye patch, peg leg... You name it, he has it.Captain Speedy 50 year old. Irascible. Braided sea dog. Red faced and hot tempered.


Elder Hitch 40 year old. High and also mighty. A preacher.Suggested doubling:Judge Obadiah 50 year old. Irritable. Think he is constantly in the right. Suspiciousof everyone. A small addled.Thomas Flanagan 45-55 years old. A brewer. Irish. Brawny, red cheeked and also strong.Down come earth.


Mudge 60 year old. A backwoodsman. Fully bearded and grizzly. Kindhearted.Suggested doubling:John Sullivan40 years old. A banker. Top class. Immaculate and precise.Mr Oysterpuf 35-45 year old. Long suffering salesman of the court. Knows he willalways be in the wrong even if the is in the appropriate with judge Obadiah. Wants straightforward life.

Samuel Fallentin40 years old. A banker. Great natured. Under to earth.Suggested doubling:Col. Rubber stamp Proctor 40-50 years old. Hell-raising, southern claims soldier. Goateebeard. Likes his whiskey. Conveniently provoked and also ferocious.Staunchly true come those that respects.

Mr Carstairs55 year old. The Head of the Servants’ work Union. Very Upperclass. Upright. The epitome of the manservant.

Forster35 year old. Mr Fogg’s ex-butler. Placed upon. A man pushed come hislimits. Retains several of his upright demeanour but is a damaged man.

Thomas20 upwards. A butler. Quite upright and also upper class.

Dolly20 upwards. A maid. Cockney and also quite cheeky.

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Kim18 upwards. Female. As a young boy. South eastern Indian Elephantdriver. He is wily and also clever. Becomes faithful to grandfather Fogg. Practically a tourguide.