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1 in ~ the start of "Around the world in 80 Days" Jackie Chan"s character steals something indigenous the bank of England. What is it?
Answer: The Jade Buddha after ~ the Jade Buddha is steal from the town of Jackie Chan"s character, Passepartout, the breaks into the financial institution of England come steal that back. While to run from the police he ends up at Phileas Fogg"s laboratory. In bespeak to stop the police he poses as Fogg"s brand-new valet.
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There are plenty of cameos in "Around the human being in 80 Days". Of the adhering to four choices, i m sorry one does NOT show up in the movie?

2 Passepartout has actually been drugged. That awakens in a cabin board a delivery bound because that Shanghai. What famed actor theatre the part of steward, that greets Passepartout, in his cabin? (Hint: He was born in Hungary and also played together Humphrey Bogart in several memorable films.)
Answer: Peter Lorre Yes, indeed, Peter Lorre dram a small component in this film, together a steward plank the steamship, Carnatic. The steward asks Passepartout, "honorable gentleman feeling far better this morning?" Passepartout has no idea whereby he is, but realizes the he has actually been duped. Sadly, the inimitable Peter Lorre passed far in 1964.
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Answer: by whistling Fogg take away Passepartout right into his lab and whistles, transforming the lights on. He claims he has borrowed light bulbs from cutting board Edison. Passepartout whistles in admiration and the lights walk off. Fogg says possibly his idea requirements a bit more work.
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4 Distraught and also penniless, Passepartout find work, in stimulate to feeding himself. What type of job-related does he connect in?

Answer: He join a circus. gift an completed acrobat, Passepartout joins a circus together an acrobat. However, Fogg, quite cleverly deduces the whereabouts the Passepartout. The party is reunited and also they head for their next destination.
Answer: Reform club Phileas Fogg is an upstanding, albeit, eccentric member of the revolutionary Club. The Reform society is a "gentleman"s club, v exclusive membership". If this film is a fictionalized account the the reform Club, such a club, in reality exists, which such honorable members, consisting of Winston Churchill, H. G. Wells, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, et al.
Answer: black Scorpions The black Scorpions space the Chinese corridor that had entrusted the Jade Buddha to the financial institution of England ~ stealing it from Passepartout"s village. They want it back and pursue Passepartout v the roads of London and further as soon as he begins his journey roughly the civilization with Fogg.
7 Fogg and his party space spending part time in a saloon. That happens come play the piano player in this saloon?

Answer: open minded Sinatra In a surprising cameo appearance, frank Sinatra shows up in this film together the piano player, in mountain Francisco saloon. It"s arguable as to whether Sinatra was an ext famous as an gibbs or singer. Nevertheless, his appearance in this film, assisted make this film a classic.
8 Fogg (David Niven) has had a an excellent deal of servants or gentleman"s gentleman. A guy named Foster, has actually been displaced through a brand-new servant. What is his name?

Answer: Passepartout Passepartout, claiming to be from an ancient family, efficiently passes the interview. He has actually held a variety of jobs, including a professor that gymnastics, a trapeze artist, a fireman and also a chimney sweep. Fogg, nevertheless, is impressed, and also hires Passepartout to it is in his valet. Fogg says, "See the you behave yourself. Any kind of tomfoolery, and out friend go."
Answer: basic Fang basic Fang is the leader that the black color Scorpions. She goes come the royal Academy of sciences to need the return that the Jade Buddha however Lord Kelvin tells she it is her problem. The then renders a joke around the reality that the won"t take it orders native a woman and also the camera pans to a snapshot of Queen Victoria, whom he ironically functions for. Basic Fang is a martial arts professional who is seeking to gain arms from the British and also is willing to execute anything in this pursuit, including kill Fogg.
10 Colonel Tim McCoy is a vibrant character. The train stop again, since the bridge shows up unable to bear the weight of the train. Colonel McCoy says, "Hang me for the son of a lamb stealin" tarantula." What go the Colonel give the engineer to encourage him to proceed?

Answer: a shooting of 40-rod Colonel McCoy (portrayed by Tim McCoy) encourages the train engineer to proceed over the bridge, by enhancing his spirits v liquor. Sufficiently, encouraged, the technician traverses the bridge, after ~ which, the collapses.
11 Fogg is playing cards v his colleagues at the club. A certain crime is the topic of discussion. What crime space they discussing?

Answer: a bank robbery during a game of cards, the subject of an audacious bank robbery i do not care the topic of discussion. Fogg seems to have an uncommonly accurate insight into the details that the robbery. This arouses part suspicion amongst the members that the club. Police Inspector solve (Robert Morley) says that Fogg knows an ext than the police.
12 Colonel McCoy badgers Mr. Fogg right into a confrontation. "I"ll be a rattlesnake"s uncle. Why don"t you fight fair?" Mr. Fogg has had actually enough and they agree to have actually a duel. Castle agree come fire at will, after 6 paces. However, they are interrupted by what event?

Answer: one Indian assault as Fogg and also McCoy take their six paces, rotate to each other, prepared to fire, an arrowhead strikes McCoy. Indians attack the train and also capture Passepartout. Fogg is contempt detained from his schedule, when he effectively rescues Passepartout.
13 together the members the the club are discussing the crime in ~ hand, it"s argued that the perpetrator might be everywhere in the world. Occurring from this discussion, Fogg suggests that he deserve to traverse the people in what space of time?

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Answer: eighty days Fogg declares the he has 20,000 pounds in his bank. The wagers that he can complete a trip around the world in eighty days. Many of the members that the club space skeptical and also eagerly wager versus Fogg. Previously on, it is suggested that the principle is just a joke. Fogg replies, "An Englishman never jokes around a wager."