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Are you Smarter 보다 Your Computer?

Transcript: Rom represents read just memory, and Ram stands for random accessibility memory. Rom is required to begin the computer what is the usage of a hardrive? $300 2 nubers and they room 1s and 0s Busses are the links that affix to the Ram, Rom and also CPU $100 Welcome to.... Room you Smarter than your Computer? how many computer parts walk you learn today? go you enjoy this video game contestants? $1000 each! to save info and files. What is the difference between Rom and also Ram? $500 What are busses? $600 question nuber 1: What is the meaning of mother board? if the cpu was part of the person BODY, what would certainly it be? $200 A printed Circut board Starring: Christian'mic'nerd, Kamerion'mic'doof, Smarty #1, and also Smartie # 2 the brain!!! Read just memeory What is the deffinition that ROM $300 inquiry nuber2: How numerous different nubers are in a binary code? $200


Are you Smarter 보다 Your Smartphone?


are friend smarter 보다 a teacher

Transcript: In FROZEN full Lollipops 218 190 Elsa sang 8/14 of her song and also Anna sang 6/10 of her song.Who sang much more of your song? ( discover the common denomenaters ) Ralph ate much more 228 537 Auditions Left 19 aRT!!!!!!!!! 45 Eat-it RALPH!!! 3135 complete Paints 60 the end 9/6 = 90/60 8/10 = 80/60 4342 Mrs.Michner bought 86 paints. Mrs.Jonson to buy 26 much less paints. Mrs.Zapeda purchase 12 much more paints 보다 Mrs.Jonson. What is the complete amount paints? Vanellope ate 8/10 of her giant candy cane, and Ralph ate 9 /6 of his giant candy cane. Who ate more? 99 Auditions 855 40/72 > 42/70 those my ascendancy Lollipops! Arianna Grande has actually 69 Broadway auditions to resolve and 86 Hollywood auditions to attend to. She attended to 56 auditions. Just how many an ext auditions walk she have to attend to? Estrella had 79 lollipops, Aili had actually tripple the lot of lollipops together Estrella, Amanda had 16 much less lollipops as Aili. How plenty of lollipops carry out they have in all? aNNA SANG MORE



Transcript: Sacagawea how did the men gain along together the two leaders that the expedition? a. Castle hardly ever agreed on anything important. B. They always agreed on essential things. C. They go not connect much. New DISCOVERIES are YOU SMARTER 보다 Sacagawea The old lady to be from the Nez Perce . Around LEWIS & CLARK What is not a hardship they had on the journey? They provided Lewis and also Clark watermelons in profession for smoked meat. True or False: Clarke leaded the guys more, and also Louis made an ext observations by himself relations WITH native AMERICANS native which tribe was the old lady the pleaded for your survival? exactly how did the Otw-Missouri aid on the expedition? Sacagawea rescued a watercraft that was tipped over. Louis and Clarke They always agreed on essential things HARDSHIPS True a. Walking with the Rocky mountains b. Rowing throughout the Pacific s c. Storms a. The resource of the Missouri river GEOGRAPHICAL features LEWIS & CLARK? c. Beavers connections with native Americans Which did Louis and Clarke NOT discover in the West? a. Prairie dogs b. Bison c. Beavers relations w/ native Americans What geographical function did Louis and Clarke discover? b. Rowing throughout the Pacific ocean a. The source of the Missouri river b. The grand Canyon c. The source of the Mississippi River new Discoveries The finish false. True or False: Sacagawea by chance tipped end a boat, ruining some supplies. Louis and Clarke


Are you Smarter 보다 Your Teachers?

Transcript: C. Gradually to acquire a good night's sleep. Girlfriend should obtain 8-10 hrs of sleep. A. Turn it in. B. Examine to view who else is finished. C. Pull the end your iPod and also listen to her favorite music. D. Recheck every one of your answers. A. Whatever B. Just English and Math C. Remember that is OK no to understand everything, but to try your best and remember strategies learned in course D. Just how to dance What have to you do when you an initial receive your test? When picking your answer friend should... You will certainly ROCK the PSSAs! When selecting your answer girlfriend should... A. Anytime you loss asleep. B. Once you acquire home indigenous school. C. In time to obtain a great night's sleep. Girlfriend should acquire 8-10 hrs of sleep. D. As soon as you hit your high score on your favorite X-Box game. A. Drink a have the right to of coke. B. 4 bowls of coco puffs with chocolate milk and syrup. C. One dozen donuts. D. A well-balanced breakfast that can include protein and also carbohydrates. What have to you eat because that breakfast before the PSSAs? If girlfriend don't know a word in a test question, what perform you do? What execute you require to understand to happen the PSSAs? What carry out you require to know to pass the PSSAs? If you don't recognize a indigenous in a check question, what do you do? once a inquiry is difficult, what should you do? You are Smarter than Your Teachers! A. Play Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo B. Read every possible answer very closely -- the ideal one might be last! C. Stop when you pertained to the very first one friend think is right, no use in wasting her time analysis the other answers. D. Make sure it is no the very same letter an option as the inquiry before. A. Listen closely to every directions, and ask if friend don't know them completely. What need to you wear to institution on the days of the PSSAs? A. Look at for an essential words, such as: always, never, except, and usually. These words will offer you clues to detect the ideal answer. B. Get rid of answers you understand are not correct. C. Always read indigenous that are in BOLD print or ITALICS carefully, they space telling girlfriend what come look because that in one answer. D. All of the above. What must you stay to school on the work of the PSSAs? A. Questioning the teacher. B. End up being a detective and also look for a clue. C. Skip it, that won't matter. D. Ask her friend. B. Read every possible answer very closely -- the finest one might be last. What have to you do when you finish your test? What must you do when you complete your test? What have to you do as soon as you an initial receive your test? miss out on Schoemaker through Your Host... Once a concern is difficult, what need to you do? B. Become a detective and also look for a clue C. Comfortable clothing What time have to you go to bed prior to the PSSAs? A. Look for an essential words, together as: always, never, except, and usually. This words will give you hints to detect the best answer. B. Get rid of answers you recognize are not correct. C. Always read words that room in BOLD print or ITALICS carefully, they room telling girlfriend what come look for in an answer. D. Every one of the above. A. A bathing suit and also flip flops B. Chop jeans and a tank top C. Comfortable garments D. Bathrobe and also slippers What must you eat because that breakfast before the PSSAs? D. A well-balanced breakfast that could include protein and also carbohydrates. C. Remember that is OK no to recognize everything, however to try your best and remember techniques learned in class What time have to you go to bed before the PSSAs? D. Recheck every one of your answers. A. Listen very closely to every directions, and ask if girlfriend don't recognize them completely. B. Open the book and also start reading the first question. C. Upper and lower reversal to the earlier and view how plenty of questions space on the test. D. Look in ~ the human being sitting next to you and also see if they obtained the same book.

Are you Smarter than Your Phone?

Transcript: that is it supplied by? apologize VS. Samsung What is it provided for? The good, the bad and the ugly... Communication by texts, calling and also email society media Internet accessibility Taking images Planning and also organizing Playing games Viewing documents Videos Brand surname The Future is Now! What walk the future host for smartphones? So, what exactly is a "smart phone"? Everyone!!! Arch Rivals! any Questions? to apologize Samsung Nokia HTC Sony LG Motorola Blackberry Micromax We have all offered this modern technology before in its entirety we've really took pleasure in the products we've had Occassionally, over there are software program bugs, that can be easily fixed we definately see cellphones being around for rather a long time are You Smarter 보다 Your Phone? By: Leah Medema, Andrew Fabrizius, and also Alvy Butler

You room SMARTer 보다 your SMARTboard

Transcript: Tools and also Tricks Mastering her SMARTboard Objectives: To discover something brand-new about the SMARTboard and ready come implement one brand-new tool or trick in her classroom! utilizing the SMARTresponders great websites because that incorporating the SMARTboard making use of the SMARTboard for much more than just a estimate screen: - Take your notes on the SMARTboard - income your note from Microsoft native - usage it for modifying a paragraph - any kind of other ideas? shot one new thing through the finish of following week! inspect out the tool bar! Wrapping points up... You have the right to import tests native word, power suggest and test view! If you space interested, examine out mine screen actors on pick Hunters Creek middle School and also select the SMARTresponder tutorial video. I hope you've learned other new! Fill the end the half - paper of paper for your usage in the classroom. Save it in your PDP/Teacher Data Notebook for post - observations so you will remember every the great things you are doing! You room SMARTer than your SMARTboard Let's beat kooshball!

Are friend smarter 보다 your teacher?

Transcript: CITATION: FOR playing Blow this popsicle stand room you smarter than your teacher? Jason drank 3/4 that is juice.Chase drank 6/8 that his juice. Who drank more? #1= There room 6 Apple trees in Mr.Smith's backyard.Each tree has actually 18 to apologize on them.How numerous Apples room in total? The Drumstick firm has 18 Drumsticks to ship. They have 3 boxes to put the Drumsticks in.How countless Drumsticks walk in each box? #2= By:Christian.E Touchdown! Batter Up say thanks to YOU Tyler has actually 15 tries to make a home-run and wastes 7.Angel has has 18 and also wastes 2.How plenty of tries do Tyler and also Angel have all together? It's great for friend ! exact same amount 108 main point 18 and also 6 DRUMSTICK Drink the ANSWER key 6,divide 18 and also 3 Adam has 15 football cards, Pedro has actually 27.Pedro gave Adam 12 football cards.How plenty of cards do Adam and also Pedro have? #4=Adam=27 Pedro=15 #3= #5=24 time wasted

Marketing Proposal layout for an effective Presentations |

Description: capture the eye and engage the imagination with this cool-looking proposal template. The bold, shining design and also highly dynamic layout all but guarantee success because that your following sales or marketing proposal. Every presentation templates are quickly customized.

Quarterly organization Review - Downtown

Description: add some color to your quarterly business review with this vibrant company presentation template. The interlocutor visuals in this service template will make your following QBR a memorable one.

Customer story - Office

Description: Storytelling is at the love of great service. Use this stunning, customizable business presentation theme to to mark employees who perform exceptional job-related or position your customers together the heroes of her business.

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Sales KickOff - Rocket

Description: The sky’s the limit. Boost your brand-new sales initiative into orbit v an engaging and compelling SKO presentation. This template features a effective sales kickoff theme that provides it easy to be engaging. Choose all SKO templates, it’s totally customizable through your own information.