So, I know that since of Emeralds negative RNG SRing isn't a very smart way to obtain shinies. I've heard that running away and returning works, yet I'd like some confirmation. I've asked on different forums yet can't obtain a constant answer. Once you run away and return come a Pokemon, does the count together a different encounter each time? I've been RAing for days, and I should make sure I'm not wasting my time.

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Related question: I recognize Rayquaza return if you run away, but do other legendarys come ago if you operation away, too?

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It's a different one, yes, at least that happens v Mew (check in youtube)

Not sure if the happens v all the legends.. Ns don't think so... But just conserve in front of any, shot running away and reset if it's gone.

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Shuppet understand - final count 73​

In Emerald, if you room running it on a dry battery(dead battery), climate the RNG is identified by what structure the conference is fight at. The video game runs in ~ 60FPS there for you have a 1/60 opportunity of hitting the shining frame. The shiny structure is the specific frame the the RNG produces the glowing pokemon.

Once friend hit the shining frame, I think there is a 1/7 possibility of the pokemon actually being a shiny.

So ns do think that running away from the Rayquaza sufficient times, and at various times (be the 1 second or 2 secs after exiting the battle) should develop a glowing eventually. Whats probably happening is the you are instantly re-entering the battle which is causing the RNG come hit the very same frame, and if that frame isnt the shining one, then you are simply encountering a RNG clone (the exact same nature and also IVs).

My best recommendation is to save ideal before set encounter, enter it and also soft reset if the pokemon isnt shiny. Try doing this 20 times very quickly and also if nothing, shot waiting a few seconds inbetween each encounters(once you room in the actual game).

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This is especially complicated with Rayquaza seeing together you are so much into the video game already, but the starters room easier. Its straightforward to restart the video game with a new save paper and try to hit the early shiny frame.