Rey Mysterio"s legendary career as one of the biggest lucha libre stars of every time has actually seen execution of his character range from worst to best.

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Rey Mysterio
when it involves lucha libre in American pro wrestling, the best star to ever before work that format has acquired to be Rey Mysterio. Starting his career in 1989, Mysterio started making one impression on crowds as early on as 1992, and as the te went on, he quickly ended up being a must-see star, wrestling for AAA, ECW, and also WCW. In the early on 2000s, Mysterio debuted for WWE, whereby he became an also bigger star, and easily your most popular masked wrestler ever.

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He"s had a lengthy career and also is still going strong after over three decades, and there’s quiet a many of product to location every iteration the the wrestler -- through close fist paid to in-ring performance and ring gear.

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

In the summer the 2011, Rey Mysterio fight a career top by to win the WWE Championship because that the first time in his career. That was every downhill from there, as he lost it later on that night to man Cena, and returned come the midcard. The next four years were complete of injuries, losses, and an effort at salvaging the fail of Sin Cara, via a short-lived tags team.

A details career short came through his 2014 Royal Rumble entry, wherein he attracted boos indigenous the crowd by entering in ~ #30 as soon as fans to be expecting Daniel Bryan. Even his equipment was kind of a bummer, as his baggy pants were suitable by a shirt to conceal his disappearing muscle definition.

Rey Mysterio Jr there is no Mask WCW

Rey Mysterio make a large splash in WCW’s cruiserweight division in the 1990s, yet as the decade was ending, the promotion chose to execute something ill-advised with the rising star. In ~ SuperBrawl IX, Mysterio lost a Mask vs. Hair sign team match against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, resulting in him working without his signature mask because that the remainder of his WCW career.

outside of the paradox of an unmasked luchador called “Mysterio,” that sort of enhance -- a vast deal in lucha libre -- to be the an outcome of a minor feud in WCW. Mysterio fared well after that, capturing titles and also teaming with Konnan and Billy Kidman as The Filthy Animals, but Mysterio just didn"t feel the exact same without the mask.

Rey Mysterio

for pay-per-views -- and especially THE pay-per-view, WrestleMania -- wrestlers love to don unique attire because that the occasion, a lot of which tributes pop society like comic books, video clip games, or cartoons. early of his agility and use that a mask, Rey Mysterio generally (but no always) adopts straight-up cosplay in his gear.

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Mysterio has been law this since the 1990s, but his WrestleMania outfits have an ext often than not been how amazing goofy, looking more like shoddy Halloween costumes than anything heroic. In spite of that, he’s placed on some remarkable matches at those ‘Manias.

Rey and also Dominik Mysterio hands raised

after ~ 2015, Rey Mysterio took a respite from WWE, wrestling all over the world, consisting of AAA, brand-new Japan pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground, The Crash, and various indies. Yet after a couple of years, the would return to WWE in 2018, feeling much more relevant 보다 he did once he left.

during this period, he captured the united state Championship a pair of times, and introduced his boy Dominik, together his protégé. It aided that he got into a significant and prolonged feud with Seth Rollins, centered approximately ocular violence. If the angle went on because that a tiny too long, the quantity of spotlight made Mysterio feel necessary again.

prior to 2015, Rey Mysterio felt choose a performer that fans and management alike were acquisition for granted. Yet it was obviously a matter of presentation, together his entry right into Season 2 of Lucha Underground presented Mysterio as not just the living legend that was, but one that still had a whole lot of gas in the tank.

together Mysterio became intertwined in all the superordinary intrigue of the Aztec Temple, he likewise proved his ongoing worth as an in-ring competitor, putting on tremendous matches with Prince Puma (a.k.a. Ricochet), Pentagon Jr., and also even his old competitor Chavo Guerrero Jr.

after leaving WCW in the wake of the 2001 closure, Mysterio go not sign with WWE until 2002, where he was immediately pushed, many thanks to a large feud through Kurt Angle, and also a surprisingly effective tag team through Edge. Mysterio would additionally continue being a cruiserweight standout in this period, ending up being a three-time champion in the division. While this era had actually him eschew form-fitting tights in donate of vinyl pipeline pants, he at least had his mask back.

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as the 2000s rolling on, the access time would keep on coming, together Mysterio would team up and subsequently feud with Eddie Guerrero, bring about one the the era’s most enduring mim in the Custody the Dominik Ladder Match. Shortly enough, Rey would move on come the heavier divisions, ending up being a two-time world Heavyweight Champion and also solidifying his status as among WWE’s biggest underdogs.

Rey Mysterio yielded classic after classic in WCW’s cruiserweight division, yet he didn’t begin there. Fans of Rey would carry out well to inspect out his occupational in AAA, whereby he began really obtaining momentum, together he placed on some very acclaimed matches v career-long rivals favor Juventud Guerrera and also Psicosis in epic 2-out-3 falls bouts.

this rivalries would certainly spill right into other promotions choose Japan’s WAR and America’s ECW, where Mysterio, Psicosis, and also Guerrera would catch the creative thinking of a whole new set of fans, presenting the lucha libre style to American pro wrestling.

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It’s basic to succumb to nostalgia when it pertains to ranking every version of a star like Rey Mysterio, especially since many fans still long for the job of WCW’s cruiserweight division. However the division was packed with incredible talent, including lucha libre stars (Psicosis, Eddie Guerrero), Japanese small aces (Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Thunder Liger), and also Western standouts (Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko).

It was a roster varied in nationality and style, and also Mysterio take it them all on, in loads that classic, strong matches that were complete of crazy moves, ending up being a five-time cruiserweight champion in the process.

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