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Dolphins and also sharks both have a centralized body shape with a triangle fin top top the back and 2 side fins. However, the 2 animals likewise have numerous differences.

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skeleton do of cartilageskeleton make of bone
use gills to acquire oxygen indigenous the water in which lock swimgo to the surface and breathe atmospheric waiting in v their blowholes
don’t nurse their youngdo nurse your young
don’t have actually hairdo have actually hair – they room born v hair roughly their “noses”

They may share the same basic shape, yet underneath their skins, sharks and also dolphins are really different!

Nice try, but maybe that would have actually helped if we had shown you the clues first. Dolphins and sharks room on distant branches the the tree the life. Sharks are very closely related come rays, and dolphins are closely related come cows and other mammals. Systematized bodies and also fins room traits the dolphins and sharks developed separately, both together adaptations for swimming.


This means that sharks" and also dolphins" similarities (body shape, fin, and also flippers) space convergent traits that each lineage progressed independently.

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Hint 1: having a centralized body shape, fin, and flippers allows aquatic animals to swimming faster. Both sharks and dolphins swimming after prey.

Hint 2: This tree reflects the where sharks and dolphins space positioned top top the tree that life. They space not an extremely closely regarded one another. Is it most likely that sharks and also dolphins inherited your body shapes, fins, and flippers native the same usual ancestor?