The Smackdown

People favor to talk around having a “personal” connection with God. Probably that’s why both this films carry in audience — the opportunity to watch the main characters actually have actually that connection on display in a literal meaning sense.

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In the wish-fulfillment saga of Bruce Almighty, weatherman Bruce goes right into an on-air meltdown adhered to by a rant come God about how He’s act a miserable job. Now, in the sequel, Evan Almighty, Evan prays come the guy Upstairs for great luck on his an initial day together a congressman — and does it as if it’s just another quick cellphone call. Both Bruce and Evan finish up in a one-on-one through God, yet it’s an open question regarding whether this magnificent intervention was enough to float either film. You’ve more than likely heard already that Evan Almighty had actually the highest budget for a comedy in movie history. Money well spent? We’ll see…


The Challenger

Evan Almighty is the newest movie from the an innovative team of manager Tom Shadyac and also writer Steve Oedekerk, who previously collaborated ~ above Bruce Almighty. Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell) is a Buffalo news-anchor-turned-Congressman (he was in the original) who moves his family to Washington, D.C., for his new career in politics. Evan got elected through his campaign promise the ‘Change the World,’ which seems choose one tall order for Evan to fill. Also though Evan doesn’t even have a new iPhone, God still answers his call. Connection made, God personally assigns that the biblical duty of building an ark gradually for an brewing flood. Naturally, Evan would rather tend to the people’s business, together he defines it, rather than ark-building, however Morgan Freeman’s God is an unusually persuasive constituent. You try saying “no” to the guy.

The Defending Champion

Bruce Almighty sets increase the themes, ideas, and also conflicts because that its spinoff, Evan Almighty, with its personality development. Because that instance, God (played by Morgan Freeman), is a man in a white suit v incredible patience for Jim Carrey’s self-obsessed Bruce Nolan weatherman. Nolan, his failing career putting far-ranging stress in his life, challenges God come switch duties with him. God, gift a whimsical sort and feeling a tiny bit of job burnout Himself, is as much as the challenge and grants Nolan all of His mighty powers. What Nolan pertains to realize throughout the movie is that being high and mighty has its results — choose the floundering the his relationship with his girlfriend, Grace, (played by Jennifer Aniston). Bruce could have God’s powers, yet it takes him awhile to start acting choose Him.

The Scorecard

Both films are collection in Buffalo to provide their stories that ” it can happen come anybody” feeling. Honestly, both have enough plot holes to rise an ark through them. In Evan Almighty, for example, Carell’s Evan requirements to build an ark for 2 of every pet on Earth, prefer the bible says, together a method repopulate. For this reason why does the ark only travel native Prestige Ridge in Virginia to Washington, D.C.? Why go these pets appear from i do not have anything to it is in transported just a few miles away? Wouldn’t they still happy exist in other parts of the world and also not must be saved? Questions…

In Bruce Almighty, Bruce’s godly powers are only applied in his hometown that Buffalo. We never ever see him dealing with universal troubles which would be expected on a worldwide scale. Instead, Bruce faces his dog peeing in his apartment and traffic jams top top his means to work.

Both Bruce and Evan most likely need to be taught a lesson by somebody, if not God, but the results are uneven. Bruce is plainly the much more selfish, cursing in ~ God because (shock!) he can’t be a TV anchorman. Oh, boohoo! but Jim Carrey walk a better job happen the comedy out of Bruce. Evan, in contrast, is an ext the beset man being screwed v by God. We’ve even seen the complications prior to — once his face hair is growing uncontrollably, I’m reasoning The Santa Claus.

The one repetitively wonderful facet of both movies is, the course, Morgan Freeman that is simply detached and also bemused enough to be warm and also funny in ~ the very same time. I’m not sure around the theology of God showing up in a white suit and also spending time with TV personalities and politicians when there room so many much more deserving varieties out there, however that’s the movies, ns guess.

Anyway, this is clearly one that those options where the movies are no so great that you simply have to see both the them. Both room humorous films with comically perfect leads, yet both call for a lot of of confidence from their viewers to think in the strength of the Almighty. If you have to pick one, here’s my recommendation:

The Decision

The sequel — in spite of having more money 보다 God (been conserving that one!) thrown at it — is merely not as good as the original creation. Bruce Almighty is hardly perfect, however if girlfriend haven’t seen either that or Evan Almighty, my advice is to walk for the rental now and also see just how you feel later. Also in that is worst moments, Bruce Almighty tho manages come tiptoe up to developing an setting where one deserve to forgot about the borders of gift human and also focus on the limitlessness of being God. Evan Almighty is just a story about the ultimate hassle.


Lauren Zabel flourished up in southern California, the daughter of two screenwriters who took her to the Emmys, aided her punch up a course essay or two and also even actors her in TV shows. Her Hollywood stardom included a riveting turn as the small Wisconsin girl who cow Lily to be pregnant through an alien hybrid child. She unabashedly will certainly see virtually any rom-com through an enthusiasm that is clearly the triumph the hope end experience. Yet she believes in love and comedy and also the idea that one is much better served with the other. She is willing to endure the pain of a poor film so that you won’t have to.
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KayleighJanuary 1, 2014 in ~ 9:28 pm
GodApril 9, 2013 at 1:16 am

This article is from GOD. In reality, I constantly preferred Evan over the idiot that a Bruce. Over there is a great amount of difference seen in both of these characters.

In Evan Almighty, Evan is an alleged to be a clean freak. The movie is not dirty unlike Bruce Almighty. Evan becomes new York’s Noah and he build an ARK- One plot of random KINDNESS in ~ a time. He saves most of the world of brand-new York by ensuring the they board the ark. All the animals likewise respect that so they monitor him.

On the various other hand, in Bruce Almighty, Bruce is a screwed increase maniac who intends to usage his “powers” aimlessly because that fun, just for his own good but no in stimulate to adjust the world. Together actor Jim Carrey action in it the movie is really uninteresting. It is extremely dirty through extreme usage of poor words. He also moves his confront to much which provides him look even more hideous than he his. Also, in this movie Bruce gets powers (as I pointed out earlier). In Evan Almighty, Evan does no receive any kind of powers yet is said to readjust the world.

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My vote would certainly therefore, obviously it is in casted in the direction of “Evan Almighty”. I constantly hated that maniac the a Bruce.