Dan Aykroyd is a well known comedian and screenwriter, who is ideal known for functioning on Saturday Live Night, namely as the originator of the principles of The Blues Brothers.

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The actor likewise starred in two high-profile movies — Driving miss out on Daisy and Ghostbusters. For his amazing contribution to the showbiz, he to be granted an respect on Canada’s walk of Fame.

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— Dan Aykroyd (

His personal life has actually been thriving, too! Dan Aykroyd is a happily married male to beautiful, charming, and humble actress, Donna Dixon.

They started having actually hots because that each other when they to be starring in the movie Doctor Detroit. The two dated end a year prior to they acquired engaged, and on April 29th, 1983, castle tied the knot.

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Dan and Donna"s love story is a "real pair goal" as they have never drifted apart and thus, have been with thick and thin because that 36 years. They always support every other and have never ever thought of being ungrateful because that such an incredible marriage.

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Interestingly, they additionally appeared with each other in movies like Twilight Zone, Spies choose Us, The Couch Trip, etc. Carry out you understand what us mean? Not only they space together together a couple, yet as co-stars as well!

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Their first-born took six years to arrive! that is unknown whether such a "delay" was due to infertility problems or the desire of the pair to enjoy each other prior to diving into the education lifestyle.

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The spouses own a home in Loughborough Lake, Sydenham, as result of Dan Aykroyd’s desire to maintain a solid connection with his home country.