Cody Rhodes and Goldust dethroned The Shield to come to be the latest set of brother to victory tag team championships together.

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Wrestling has a long background of brothers teaming together, from the Von Erich clan to Primo and Carlito. Yet which the them make the biggest impact on the industry, climbed come the peak of their division most often and built up the most accolades?

Rhodes and also Goldust have actually just begun their journey and have a long way to go prior to they match the resumes of the room of Famers and also legends that occupy this list. Fans will be watching to check out if they can maintain their current momentum.

Should they remain together and also continue to create the type of great matches they have actually so far, this list will call for rearranging.

For now, based on the number and also quality that the championships castle won, hall of fame entries, awards, popularity and impact, below are the most successful brother teams in wrestling history.

15. Fabulous Rougeaus
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Jacques and Raymond Rougeau"s championship mantle is bare contrasted to the teams above them, but they thrived in WWE"s golden age of tags teams.

In the late "80s, The Fabulous Rougeaus battled versus top teams choose The british Bulldogs, The Hart structure and The Rockers. They were among the many memorable heel groups of their generation, aided by the harping visibility of Jimmy Hart.

It remained in Montreal that they achieved their championship glory, win the Canadian worldwide Tag Team Champion three times. In WWE, they to be an underrated duo who couldn"t overtake the peak teams in a overfilled division.

14. The Colons
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Before Primo came to be one fifty percent of Los Matadores, he and his brother, Carlito, make an influence on WWE as a tag team.

The Colons quickly rose come the optimal of the sign team department in 2008. Not lengthy after debuting as a team, The Colons winner the WWE sign Team Championships. Quickly after that victory, the brothers merged those titles v the WWE civilization Tag Team Championships in ~ WrestleMania XXV.

Add to the their successful run in Puerto Rico"s world Wrestling Council, whereby they also won gold, and the Colons earn a spot front of the Rhodes brothers because that now.

13. The Tolos Brothers
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Known together the Canadian Wrecking Crew, John and Chris Tolos spent lot of the "50s and "60s pounding your opponents and grabbing the audience"s attention in a chokehold.

In addition to a slew of local championships in Toronto, Detroit and also Vancouver, the Tolos brothers had a successful run with the then-WWWF. They defeated Killer Kowalski and Gorilla Monsoon to win the now-defunct WWWF United claims Tag Team Championships.

John and also Chris space the first team ~ above the list the is a member the the agree Wrestling hall of Fame, however are exceeded by teams that are an ext widely known and oft-discussed.

12. The Dusek Brothers
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Much like the Tolos brothers, the Duseks declared a variety of regional championships en course to induction come the agree Wrestling room of Fame.

The difference is the the Duseks were an ext of a clan v a number of combinations of brothers wrestling in the brand-new York area and also elsewhere. Wrestlers in the "30s had to complete with Joe, Ernie, Emil and Rudy Dusek.

Rudy had actually arguably the most successful singles career as he had actually marquee matches against the greatest names the the era. Ernie and also Emil, though, to be the championship-winning pair, catching three various versions the the NWA sign titles.

11. Los Villanos
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Five brothers made up the brightly-dressed masked Villanos.

But it was Villano III, Villano IV and Villano V who were the most successful combo. They won the AAA americas Trios Championship, IWRG Intercontinental Trios Championship and also the WWA human being Trios Championship together. 

Villano I and II won tag team titles as well, but an ext than championships this group"s enduring popularity and affect on the industry have actually them ranked here. They are amongst the most renowned groups in Mexico, hated as heels and remained a crowd-gathering plot for much of both the "80 and also "90s.

10. The Briscoe Brothers
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Not come be perplexed with the Briscos, the loud-mouthed, rough-edged brawlers, The Briscoe Brothers have actually been Ring the Honor"s many successful sign team ever.

2007"s tag team the the year, as named by Wrestling Observer, has held the ROH sign titles more times and also for longer than any type of duo in the company"s history. Rumors often have lock making the run to WWE, despite they would battle to fit in through a PG environment.

Jay and also Mark Briscoe are in a means a throwback to the hard-hitting teams of the previous while forging ahead through a vulgarity and also unsettling aura that makes them truly unique. Once their careers wrap up, lock could an extremely well be higher on this list thanks to extended supremacy and feasible entry in some of wrestling"s hall of Fames.

9. Mike Sharpe Sr. And also Ben Sharpe
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During the "50s, the Sharpe brother raked in championships in California.

They held the mountain Francisco versions of the NWA people tag titles from nearly every one of 1952 and also for a an excellent chunk the 1951 before that. Prefer the Duseks and the Tolos brothers, they earned induction right into the agree Wrestling hall of Fame.

What puts them above those bag of brothers is their affect abroad.

Mike and Ben Sharpe had actually a successful run in Japan wherein the pro Wrestling room of Fame states they gave "tag team wrestling a shot in the arm." American wrestlers are commonplace in Japan today, but the Sharpe brothers broke new ground, drawing crowds to see them in battles against Rikodozan and others.

8. Jack and Gerald Brisco
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One of only eight groups in the WWE hall of Fame, Jack and also Gerald Brisco were among the height teams of the "70s, two former amateur wrestlers who relied on superior grappling skills.

The WWC north American tags titles and the NWA world Tag Team Championships are amongst the numerous championships to their name. Your feuds v Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood and also Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood were several of the most memorable of that era.

Jack had success teaming through others favor Ciclon Negro and also Haystacks Calhoun, yet he and his brothers are much more firmly planted in fans" minds.

7. The Vachons
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Few teams had actually as lot of a reputation for toughness and also nastiness than The Vachons.

The pro Wrestling hall of call inducted foolish Dog and The Butcher in 2004. It was numerous years earlier, in the "60s and also "70s, that the Vachon brother teamed up to turn enemies into victims.

They winner the AWA sign titles and held tight to lock for almost two years.

Their resume also includes regional belts in Canada, Texas and also Georiga. The growling brutes continue to be two that the most memorable personalities in wrestling. A lack of love from hall of Fames together a team, though, has them can not to happen the list"s height teams. 

6. Harlem Heat
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Booker T and also Stevie ray took regulate of WCW in the "90s.

They stand alone atop the WCW record books as having actually the most reigns as WCW tags team champs. Only the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and also The Steiners have held those belts for longer.

They were together athletic as they adept in ~ brawling. The enhancement of Sherri Martel in their corner made Harlem heat even an ext memorable.

Eventually, one would certainly assume that these brothers will make right into one the wrestling"s room of Fames. Yet even without that honor, your stranglehold top top the top spot in the WCW tag department and double winning the Tag Team that the Year award from Pro wrestling Illustrated has them best behind the really best pairs of brothers ever.

5. The Wild Samoans
11 that 15

If Afa and also Sika lugged all the championship yellow they winner throughout their careers, they wouldn"t be able to stand.

In the beforehand "80s, The Wild Samoans were fascinating warriors that brutalized your opponents. Couple of teams continue to be as lively in fans" minds together they have.

An induction into the WWE room of Fame, thrice winning the WWE civilization Tag Team Championships and the to make reservation of title they winner in the territories all over the U.S. And also Canada renders them among the most successful brothers pairings ever.

They are only ousted from the top spots by teams who had much more award-winning matches and also overall affect on wrestling, despite the Wild Samoans were absolutely pioneers as well.

4. The hardy Boyz
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The championships are straightforward to count, but Matt and Jeff Hardy"s affect on pro wrestling is much more an overwhelming to quantify.

The titles include up to seven as six reigns WWE tags champs and once wearing the WCW versions. Beyond that though, The hardy Boyz were thrilling, innovative and also willing to take it just about any threat to win over the crowd.

They prospered when the sign team division was at it among its hottest points, leaving fans memories of your ladder matches with Edge and also Christian and also The Dudleyz.

Pro wrestles Illustrated named them the team the the year in 2000, a year wherein they took part in a classic Triangle Ladder match at WrestleMania 2000 that no one that saw the will ever before forget.

3. The Funks
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The Sharpe brother are stated to have actually opened the door for "gaijin" groups to be successful in Japan. The Funks ran v that door and piledrived folks in along the way.

Terry and also Dory Jr. Were accomplished in the unified States, yet they are seen as icons in Japan, thanks mostly to your toughness and grit.

The Funks won the every Japan World"s strongest Tag Determination organization three times and also earned ideal Bout honors in 1980. Ago home, the brothers compiled a variety of notable items on your resume together well, including a handful of championships in Florida and also Georgia.

Add a clues in the WWE room of Fame and Terry and Dory Jr. Easily earn this lofty ranking.

2. The Steiner Brothers
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In WWE, WCW and also Japan, Rick and also Scott Steiner flourished.

In countless ways, the "90s belonged come them. Both Pro wrestles Illustrated and also Wrestling Observer recognized them together the ideal team the 1990. They winner the tags titles double in WWE, 7 times through WCW and two times in brand-new Japan.

Whether battling Sting and also Lex Luger or Hiroshi Hase and Kensuke Sasaki, the Steiners placed on fantastic, critically-acclaimed performances.

In regards to titles and accolades, they are number one. It"s influence and influence that has actually the following team of brothers ranked above them.

1. The Von Erichs
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The measurable ingredient is huge for The Von Erichs, from entry come the WWE hall of Fame come a surplus of championships through WCCW. Kevin, Chris, Mike, David and also Kerry space the most successful team of brothers in rings history.

Their rivalry with The Freebirds continues to be in numerous minds the ideal we"ve ever seen.

They were the sexy commodity in a warm territory, looked at together warriors and also heartthrobs, depending on the audience. The Von Erichs continued to it is in talked about and revered, though your careers are lengthy over.

Wrestling, in ~ its heart, is around connecting v the audience. And if one steps success by deep and also lasting a link is made, the Von Erichs regime here.

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