WOODSTOCK, Ga. (BP)–Johnny Hunt, minister of an initial Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., and also immediate previous president of the southern Baptist Convention, has extended his leaving of absence from the church through mid-September, citing physical and emotional exhaustion.

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Hunt had actually been expected to go back to the wooden storm pulpit Aug. 8 adhering to his yearly July sabbatical. However, Jim Law, senior associate pastor and administrator the the church, announced Hunt and also Hunt’s wife, Janet, will expand their leaving by another six weeks.

The decision come on the counsel of a experienced who motivated the pair to prolong their time far from ministerial responsibilities, legislation explained.

Reading native a all set statement, Law provided an “incredibly liven schedule because that both the them, an especially the previous two years serving our church family while at the same time serving our lovely denomination, they discovered themselves physically and emotionally depleted.”


“Our pastor and Janet, appropriate by his side, have been consumed through their obligations here since of their deep love because that us and also of the southerly Baptist Convention,” regulation said. “In current days, at the encouragement of several of us, they sought the counsel the a professional and also they have actually been advised the they needed an extended break from their common routine.

“I know of no one else on the earth who has been offering himself far to others an ext than pastor Johnny,” law added. “Many human being face physical and emotional weariness and that is especially true of leaders and their families.”

Referring to the biblical prophet Elijah, legislation said “exhaustion often complies with mountain height experiences” and also it “often follows intense durations of stress and strain, i beg your pardon they’ve to be under.”

Law claimed the church employee stands “in total support that the counsel they’ve received” and also urged every staff and also church members not to effort to interact with the Hunts “in any way at this time.”

Law said Hunt is expected to return to the pulpit Sept. 19.

On Aug. 7, the night before his supposed return, Hunt sent a keep in mind through Twitter speak he was acquisition a leaving of absence from Twitter and also Facebook therefore he might spend an ext time v his wife.

That Tweet stated, “Must take a break from twitter & on facebook for awhile as I look for to spend high quality time v my dear mam Janet of 40 years. U every r great.”


Hunt was sidelined previously this year, in the middle of his second term as president that the denomination, as he underwent effective prostate surgical treatment on Jan. 7. His presidency to be consumed by the creation of the good Commission resurgence Task Force, which called for spirituality renewal and also a partial restructuring of the denomination through greater focus on missions.

Hunt completed his two one-year terms in June in ~ the southerly Baptist Convention yearly meeting in Orlando, whereby the job force’s report was adopted by messengers.

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A indigenous of north Carolina, Hunt has actually been minister of the wooden storm church due to the fact that December 1986. In the 24 years of his pastorate, membership has increased indigenous 1,027 to much more than 17,000. Existing average church worship attendance is 6,800.–30–Joe Westbury is controlling editor that the Christian index (www.christianindex.org), newsjournal the the Georgia Baptist Convention.

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