If you have controlled to pass Moron check Old School and Moron Test late Registrationsections, climate you recognize that friend will start answering an easy questions yet as you walk along inquiries are getting trickier.

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The Moron Test is among the best iPhone apps and application Store’s ideal selling and also cool apps of every time. This is a brain-teaser game complicated you to prove to yourself the you are a Genius.


Moron check Winter rest Tips

Take her time sometimes. There are part of this video game that you need to wait for a few seconds before tapping anything.

When you view the word rapid take keep in mind that there is a time limit. Always focus on her screen and wait what come out. It is in vigilant!



Moron test Winter break Walkthrough

Tap Moron Test section 3 Winter rest to beginning the app

-Tap Start

Build a snowman! Touch the snowball from greatest to smallestBuild a snowman! add the mouth, the eyes, climate the nose.Build a snowman! include the cap after you add the arms.Pay attention! Touch all over to continue

-Take keep in mind of words ICE.

Spell the word.

-Tap I-C-E and also that spells ICE.

Touch any kind of penguin come continue.Press the red button to continue.

-Since the switch is frozen, you have to tap it 3 times to break the ice then push again the red button.

It seems some of ours buttons have frozen over! You need to break the ice before you push them.

-Touch the left switch that is frozen to break the ice.

Now you completed the very first round. You have a pulse!Touch the B come continue.

-Touch letter B not the bee.

Touch the penguin from the smallest to largest.

-Look in ~ the penguins on the screen and follow the instruction.

Press the buttons from left to right.

-Be careful since after pushing the red button, a triangle will be swapped top top the button’s position. Insanity the green button instead.

Save the penguin.

-Penguin is frozen therefore you have to break the ice by tapping the 5 times climate tap the penguin.

Which does not belong.Touch the shortest icicle.

-Go the appropriate side of the screen and also you’ll check out the smallest icicle.

Touch the rod to start a fire, but don’t gain burned.

-You should tap the hardwood 7 times, if friend touch the fire as soon as it’ will light up and also you’ll it is in sent earlier to the checkpoint!.

The majority agrees, you are at the very least a: BONEHEAD!Touch the success pen come continue.

-Touch the appropriate one.

Quick touch the turtle!

-Look at your screen, a turtle will show up after a few seconds. Be quick!

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to contine.

-Take keep in mind of words SNOW. Madness S-N-O-W and also that spells SNOW.

Touch the snowglobe come continue.Touch the penguin from smallest to largest.

-Look at the display beside the best penguin top top the best is the smalles penguin.Touch it together the smallest penguin. It is in careful due to the fact that penguins swap positions.

Press the buttons from right to left.

-Tap the frozen buttons twice prior to tapping the following button

Touch the biggest square ice block.

-Six ice cream blocks space rectangle.

You are now an median MAMMAL after passing the ahead questions.Touch the mousse come continue.

-Mouse is various from mousse, right? madness the right one.

Touch the next 6 blue buttons twice.

-Blue button is frozen. Begin counting after breaking the the frozen blue button.

Quick touch the eco-friendly button.

-There is a time border so touch it quickly.

Don’t touch the environment-friendly button.

-Don’t touch noþeles on the display screen just wait because that the notecard.

Pay attention! Touch everywhere to continue.

-Look at the eye flake.

Touch the snow flake the matches.

-Tap the optimal left eye flake.

Press the orange button, then blue twice, then green.Quick touch the girrafe!

-Wait because that the giraffe to appear on the screen. That is the 3rd animal to appear.

Press the red button five times.

-Watch out due to the fact that the switch will adjust its color and will it is in frozen. Begin counting once the switch is not frozen.

You are currently SLIGHTLY SMART!Which is the most carrots?

-Tap the middle.

Press the buttons from left to right.Pay attention! Touch all over to continue.

-Take note of words WINTER.

Spell the word.

-Tap W-I-N-T-E-R. Take keep in mind that after girlfriend tap E, the letter will certainly be top top the different position.

Which does no belong?

-You will reportedly see comparable pictures the 4 turtles and also you have to tap the bottom left due to the fact that the optimal of its shell is somewhat different.

Touch a timer.

-The timer is ~ above the bottom left timing you together you go with so you have to tap it.

Press the red button, climate blue twice, climate green, then orange twice.

-Be careful since buttons swap positions.

You are now an INTELLI GENT after passing the trickier questions.Don’t touch the Dad, touch the SON.You will be offered a hint. A snapshot of a penguin so store it in mind.Quick touch the frog!

-Wait because that the button on the display to leave, 3 penguins will appear one through one. The button will again reappear and also then you will certainly ll see the frog come the bottom ideal of the screen – tap the quickly!

Press the green switch twice, climate blue three times, then orange, then red four times.

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-Be careful because buttons swap position. Begin counting as soon as the switch is not frozen.