ns am in search of an idiom relenten a near acquaintanceship or getting on well through someone various other than "like a residence on fire".

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I"ve never ever heard "like a residence on fire," so possibly I don"t quite know what you mean. The said, a typical idiom for easily coming come a an excellent relationship v someone would certainly be "hit the off," together in "Joe and Martha just met tonight, but they really seem to be hitting it off."

: some others concerned mind for me. Two human being who room inseparable can be described as "attached at the hip." Also, two close individuals, particularly if they are similar in plenty of ways, might be called "two peas in a pod."


The Cassell thesaurus of Cliches (1996) confirms the "get along favor a home on fire" method "to acquire on together incredibly well." A much shorter (and much less flamboyant) expression that the very same idea is "They acquire along famously ." Yet one more is "They"re hand in glove," signifying a nearby fit or match of interests in between two people. Or you could say the they are "birds of a feather."

Another possibility is come say that the two world "take come each other like a duck come water" or the they "go together choose a horse and carriage" (or prefer bread and butter, or peanut butter and also jelly, or salt and also pepper, or milk and also cookies, or macaroni and also cheese, or spaghetti and also meatballs, or any complementary pair of things, really).

A less complimentary term because that closeness is "thick together thieves."



From Forrest Gump: "We goes together like peas and carrots."

Meaning: i love you, us belong together, us go fine together.

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Hot and heavy

If miscellaneous or who is hot and heavy, castle are complete of solid emotions or sexual feelings:

Seinfeld usage: Elaine days a jazz saxophonist called John Jermaine and admits come Jerry that she has actually reservations around their dating, because John "actually, he, um, doesn"t really like to carry out "everything""<1> (a reference to dental sex). In spite of this, Jerry incautiously tells one of the tape members, Clyde (played by Leonard Lightfoot) that Johnny and also Elaine space "pretty hot and heavy."

When Jerry tells Elaine what he said, Elaine is alarmed and shows some uncharacteristic considerateness: "I don"t want John thinking that I"m hot and heavy if he"s no hot and also heavy. I"m trying to acquire a small squirrel come come end to me here. I don"t wanna make any type of big, sudden movements. I"ll frighten him away!"