There space so plenty of beautiful and also fascinating animals in this world but can you cite 20 that them that starts with the letter W?

Animals That start with the Letter W

Well, below are 20 fascinating animals that start with the letter W!

1. Wallaby


This pet is comparable to a kangaroo, they additionally have a pouch or consider as the marsupial animal that found in Australia.

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The size of this mammal is about 1 meter tall also they have strong legs to jump and also use to self-defence such as to use to kick.

Their tail is pretty strong too, it uses to balance your body many of the time.

2. Water Buffalo


This animal from livestock family is likewise known together Eastern Buffalo. They have greyish black color colour of their body and additionally they are around 1 meter tall. The size of females is smaller sized than the males water buffalo.

3. Wildebeest


You may understand this animal as gnu. The colour of your body can be white, black, or grey. Wildebeest live in savannas in east Africa, the biggest mammal migration one is in the Serengeti.

The kind of wildebeest in Kenya and also Tanzania referred to as Western White-bearded Wildebeest.

4. Wombat


This marsupial mammal is discovered in Australia and also Tasmania, they favor to live in woodlands and tunnel.

They keep their infant in the bag for about 5 months.


Wombat is in reality the biggest pet in the types of delving animals, lock have short legs and also claws supplied for digging.

5. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is a bird in a family members of Picidae. There are types of this birds consisting of bare-breasted piculet i beg your pardon is the tiniest kind and the grey salty woodpecker which the largest kind.

This bird is natively from Australia and also Madagascar. Woodpecker’s good ability is pecking, they can do pecks for about 20 just in a second.

6. Wolf


Wolf is the mammal that has actually greyish white and black hair with big ears and also sharp eyes. They food on elk, deer, moose, and also also small animals choose birds.

They are really greedy once it involves food, castle eat approximately 10 animals per day.

7. Weasel


Weasel or well-known as Mustela is a mammal carnivore pet from the Arctic and Australia. They have roughly 30 centimetres lengthy and additionally the same size as the tail.

Weasel is similar to polecats and also ferret. This animal lives in the logs or piles that rocks.

8. Walrus


Walrus is a mammal that lives in the sea, this animal lives in the cold area choose a northern hemisphere.

The properties of this pet is the large tusks on their face, tusks around 3 feet long (it used to chop the ice).

There are 3 type of walrus which are the Atlantic walrus, Pacific Walrus, Laptev Walrus.

9. Wasp


Wasp is the insect that still in the relative of ants and also bees. This solitary insect has a yellow coat on their body and likewise hornets.

This insect is in the stimulate of Hymenoptera and Apocrita. Did you know wasp’s larvae can kill their host?

10. Whale


The whale is initially from phibìc Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans.

There space two types of a whale which are baleen whales that have actually 140 baleen plates on your sides and toothed whale that comparable to dolphins.

Whale take into consideration as the biggest killer in the sea, they eat sea mammals, seabirds, and also little animals.

11. Wolverine


Wolverine is a mustelid the carnivore mammal that related to skunk, otters, and also minks.

The characteristics of this pet are black hair and big teeth that provided to crush the bone of their victim, they additionally have spicy claws that usage for their self-defence.

They live around Canada, Polar Circle, Europe and also in the US.

12. Worm


A worm is among the pets that does not have actually legs and arms.

This pet consist the different types with various size, although they are very common v their small size, however, among the longest types of worm i beg your pardon is Aquatic nemertean worm is about 58 meters.

13. Wrasse


Wrasse is the naval fish with vibrant colour, there are about 600 kinds of them. This small fish is much less than 20 centimetres. Wrasse is taken into consideration as predators, they prey on invertebrates animal.

14. Woodlouse


Woodlouse or plural Woodlice is a crustacean through an exoskeleton and fourteen jointed limbs. Woodlice is a nocturnal animal that eats the dead plant. There are about 5,000 types of them!

15. Wolly Monkey


Wolly monkey is the type of monkey in the Atelidae family. This monkey is natively from southern America.

This monkey has black face and also black hands and they have grey colour hair on your body.

The load of this animal is approximately 7 kilograms.

16. Warthog


Warthog is the animal that concerned pig family that stays in the desert the Africa. They have actually ivory on your head to safeguard themselves.

There space two species of warthog i m sorry are usual warthog that resides in the north of Africa and desert warthog stays in south Africa.

17. Water Dragon


Water dragon is the reptile pet originally native Australia and Asia.

There are two species of them which are the very first type dubbed Australia water dragon the has strong legs and sharp claws and the second is Asia water dragon that have the pineal eye.

18. Water Vole


Water vole or water rat or water pets dog is the biggest vole in their types as the rodent pet in Britain. They have brownish black furs, little ears, and also hairy tail.

This rodent is a swimmer and an extremely full of energy during the daytime.

19. Welsh Corgi


This cute dog has two types which are cardigan the have large ears and Pembroke that have intense ears. They deserve to live indigenous 12 to 14 years.

The colours of their fur are mostly brown-white yet they likewise have different colours relies on their types.

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20. Whippet


Whippet also is known as English whippet or Snap pet is the dog breed from England. This dog is the kind of sport dog that have the right to do flyball and also dexterity even the dog race. They provided to record rabbits and also rats.