A fistula is an abnormal connection in between two body parts, such as an body organ or blood vessel and also another structure. Fistulas are usually the an outcome of one injury or surgery. Infection or inflammation can additionally cause a fistula come form.

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Fistulas may take place in numerous parts of the body. Lock can type between:

An artery and also veinThe neck and throatThe room inside the skull and also nasal sinusThe bowel and vaginaThe colon and surface the the body, bring about feces to leave through an opening other than the anusThe stomach and also surface that the skinThe uterus and also peritoneal cavity (the an are between the wall surfaces of the abdomen and also internal organs)An artery and vein in the lung (results in blood no picking up sufficient oxygen in the lungs)The navel and also gut

Inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn disease, have the right to lead to fistulas in between one loop the intestine and also another. Injury can cause fistulas to kind between arteries and veins.

Types of fistulas include:

Blind (open on one end only, yet connects to two structures)Complete (has openings both outside and also inside the body)Horseshoe (connects the anus come the surface ar of the skin ~ going roughly the rectum)Incomplete (a tube from the skin the is close up door on the inside and also does not affix to any internal structure)

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