False rumours circulated top top the web claiming that former American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr has died. Paul Teutul Sr is no dead.

Social media is a platform that brings customers together yet it could likewise become a location of fake news and misinformation.

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This is checked out on a consistent basis as many celebrities and also reality stars often become the victim of devilish rumours and also death hoaxes.

Motorcycle mechanic and also TV star Paul Teutul Sr is the recent celebrity to be target by a society media hoax.

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Screenshot – Paul Sr. & josh Disagree ~ above Plans for A Paintball Themed bicycle | American Chopper

Paul Teutul Sr’s fatality hoax debunked

Paul Teutul Sr is no dead. That is alive and doing well, based upon his latest social media posts.

The previous American Chopper star mutual a brand-new Twitter post on Monday (February 22nd) in which the revealed the he’s been liven filming ~ above set.

“Just chilling in ~ the Bobby Hotel in Nashville after ~ a long day that filming,” Paul tweeted.

Paul has been filming for the YouTube channel the his shop Orange ar Choppers.

Just chilling in ~ the Bobby Hotel in Nashville after long day that filming