Every barisalcity.organization has actually traditions going ago to their earliest days. Our traditions are important and reflect our well-off history.

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Mission and Vision Statement

We envision to it is in the leading international business barisalcity.organization cursed to the advance of a civilization class membership the cares because that the quality of life with complete enhance guided through the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and also Service.

Cardinal Principles


Realistically, leadership is a matter of development. Alpha Phi Omega establishes leaders, and also we are very proud the that. Together we grow, us seek characteristics of leadership, and throughout our lives, we pursue the breakthrough of those qualities and also the development of other ‘well-rounding’ qualities. With our leadership advancement program in Alpha Phi Omega, we space able to construct ourselves. And, together we aspire to higher things in life, us become conscious of limiting factors – which we can’t control, the external forces that form our destiny till we control and develop what we have actually inside that us. We uncover our own talents and strive to much better our skills. Us study, us learn, us practice.


Brotherhood is the heart of friendship. It implies respect, honesty and dependability. It method that we overlook differences and emphasize similarities as we join together in unselfish service. It means listening to Brothers who views on worries might differ from our own. It means working closely with civilization whom under various other circumstances we might not select as ours friends.


Our Chapter company program gives many methods for the breakthrough of social awareness, friendships and also leadership skills. Authorized in our business program helps do Alpha Phi Omega the distinctive fraternal barisalcity.organization that it is.



The ideals that Alpha Phi Omega room embodied in ours coat-of-arms. As everyone who has actually passed v the ritual knows, the symbolism of the coat-of-arms means the really purpose of our brotherhood.


Be a LeaderBe a FriendBe the Service

Code of Conduct

The 12 jewels of the Scout law is a review of character concerns that a Member that ALPHA PHI OMEGA (PHILIPPINES) pledges come follow.

I. TRUSTWORTHYHe tells the truth and also keeps his promises. Honesty is one integral component of his password of Conduct. Civilization can count on him.

II. LOYALHe is true come his family, leaders, friends, community, country and various other members the the fraternity.

III. HELPFULHe is concerned around other people. The does points willingly and also unselfishly for others.

IV. FRIENDLYHe is a girlfriend to all. That is a brother to other barisalcity.barisalcity.org members. He looks for to understand others. The respects those through ideas and customs various other than his own.

V. COURTEOUSHe is polite come everyone, nevertheless of age or position. The knows and understands that good manners make it less complicated for people to acquire along together.

VI. KINDHe understands that there is stamin in being gentle. He treats others as he wants others come treat him.

VII. OBEDIENTHe follows the rule of the fraternity, his family, his community and his nation. If he think the rules and laws room unfair, he will try to have actually them changed in one orderly manner rather than disregard and disobey these.

VIII. CHEERFULHe always looks for the bright next of things. The cheerfully does jobs assigned to him. He constantly tries to do others happy.

IX. THRIFTYHe functions to salary his way and to assist others. He saves for unexpected needs. He protects and also conserves herbal resources. He closely uses time and also property.

X. BRAVEHe can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the ship to was standing for what he think is right also if others laugh at or threaten him.

XI. CLEANHe keeps his body, mind and also spirit and his dwelling and also surroundings clean. That goes approximately with those who think in life by these same ideals with him.

XII. REVERENTHe is reverent in the direction of God. That is faithful come his spiritual duties. The respects the spiritual beliefs of others.


In the early on days of our Fraternity our Founders chose recognizable objects that would certainly be representative signs of the heart of ours guiding values of Leadership, Friendship and also Service. Castle selected items of historical and also traditional value and also notability. The meaning and meanings of this symbols have not readjusted in our lifetimes, and also likely will certainly not change in the future.

JewelDiamondThe most precious of all gemstones representing brilliance, luster, constantly increasing in value, and also an expression that the best gift the love when given.

FlowerFbarisalcity.orget-Me-NotA perennial flower with imperial blue blossoms. That is everlasting, constantly remembered.

TreeOakWe have all heard from a parental or mentor at least once in our stays the story that the sturdy oak tree that thrived from a little acorn. The oak is stately, sturdy, and sheltering.

ColorsBlue and GoldOur shade of blue is a royal blue color. That is elegant, a authorize of pure deed and thought. A shade in our nation’s flag.Our shade of yellow is called “old glory” gold. A color also found in the nation’s flag (fringe and tassels). It represents the high value, respect, royalty, and also a sign of love.

BirdGolden EagleAt the 1976 USA national Convention the delegates chose an additional symbol to more this wealth of our history and traditions. They asserted the golden eagle as a new Fraternity symbol. An eagle is often uncovered as a standard or as a component of the seal of a nation. The golden eagle symbolizes strength, gracefulness, keenness that vision, and also endurance.

Toast Song

Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega,Loyal brothers/sisters we.True to self and to every other,Firm in loyalty.Daily working, day-to-day striving,Ever much more to beHere’s to Alpha Phi Omega,Our fraternity/sorority.Brothers/Sisters clasp the hands of brothers/sisters,Strong the one weEver mindful, ever before servingAll humanity.Now us raise our thankful voices,In our song to thee,True come Alpha Phi Omega,May we always be.

Notes:1. The Toast track is the official fraternity song. It is normally sung at the finish of all fraternity features (meetings, ceremonies, conferences, etc.) come the song of “Alma Mater.”2. The lyrics to the first verse the this tune were produced in 1925 by Dale Bartlett that barisalcity.barisalcity.org USA Omicron thing at The university of Iowa. The second verse was composed by Robert Northwood the barisalcity.barisalcity.org USA Epsilon Mu at the university of Maryland and also were embraced as component of the Toast song at the US nationwide Convention in 1964.3. The barisalcity.barisalcity.org USA nationwide Fraternity acknowledges the prestige of Brotherhood among all people. In 1976, the barisalcity.barisalcity.org USA national Fraternity overwhelmingly vote to encompass women among its brothers as complete Members thus reference come “brother/s” way both men and women. In the Philippines, Brother/s is substituted through “Sister/s” in ~ sorority functions.

Service Song

(Tune: Auld Lang Syne)Let’s raise our voices in a songAnd sing our prayer of thee,For Leadership and also service, too,We’ll drink a toast come thee.To nobler cause we’ll bind our livesWe’ll offer in friendships nameTo carry to Alpha Phi OmegaEverlasting fame.

barisalcity.barisalcity.org Prayer

Heres come Alpha Phi OmegaOur Fraternity/SororityMay we always do as much for itAs it has actually done because that us.

May leadership be the life us leadAnd service be ours goalMay Friendship constantly hold our heartAnd continue to make us whole.

May we be there to hold our brothers/sisters handsAs castle have frequently hold oursMay us all continue to love one GODAnd monitor HIS elegant divine.

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May the soul of love constantly fill our heartsAnd administrate all we doMay it constantly be the pressure that help usLoyal brothers/sisters true, amen.