In Aliens Ate mine Homework through Bruce Coville, stick Allbright, the key character, shows countless character traits. These qualities strongly develop up an exciting story. Rod is a common kid, frequently being bullied. His science task was due soon, and he had actually to babysit his twin siblings. Then, a spaceship crashed into his room, giving him even an ext troubles come overcome. Transparent the book, Rod demonstrated helpfulness, honesty, courage, responsibility, curiosity and carefulness.First off, stick was an extremely helpful and cooperative as soon as he followed the aliens' instructions in completing their mission. He did this by carrying the space ship come a adjacent field so it deserve to enlarge, bringing the aliens come school, skipping college so that can carry the aliens come BKR's house (BKR was the adversary), and also many others. Dwight Eisenhower when said, "Though force can protect in emergency, just ... Cooperation can lastly lead ... To the dawn the eternal peace." by cooperating and being helpful, Rod came to be allies through the aliens, which to be a nice wise thing to do, since the aliens do have actually very powerful weapons.Rod was also really honest. When he was three, he to be being declined a cookie native the jar. He made decision to sneak in. After opened the cookie jar, that heard his mommy coming, so to get rid of the evidence, he crammed the whole cookie in his mouth. The denied having a cookie in his mouth, leading to punishment whereby he had to was standing in a chair dealing with the wall. Indigenous that allude on, he constantly told the truth. In fact, he won't even tell white lies. This helps construct up the plot of the story, whereby he always gives an ethical answer to every questions. For example, once his teacher inquiry him for his math assignment, the said, "Aliens ate mine homework!...... Middle of document ...... Ship’s bossy and irritable. He was additionally careful to follow every the crew member’s an exact instructions. Being mindful was vital to the success the the objective in recording BKR the criminal. One small mistake, and everyone’s stays would be over. By mirroring this trait, Rod was able to lug out his duties even though he was not perfect. He had the ability to bring great prosperity come the aliens and also their mission.Rod truly displayed mindfulness, curiosity, dependability, bravery, truthfulness, and also supportiveness. This traits are far-ranging to a respectable character favor Rod.

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Charles Spurgeon stated it best, “A an excellent character is the ideal ... Those who loved you and also were assisted by you will remember you ...” Bruce Coville showed created Rod as a protagonist to show readers just how integral being a great character is to an individual success, solid relationships, and also saving the world!