Stuttgart High School, formerly Patch High School, opened its doors in a brand brand-new facility in respectable 2015. SHS is a room of Defense Education activity ( school. Our neighborhood consists of equipped forces personnel, DOD civilians and also contractors assigned come the Stuttgart Garrison, United states European Command, United says Africa Command and also various support groups. 

Patch High School, 1979-2015

Patch High institution (PHS) is a department of Defense Education activity ( school located on a military article on the southern edge of spot High college Stuttgart, Germany, a one-hour journey from the French border and a two-hour drive from the Austrian and Swiss borders. Patch is in the facility of countless historical and also recreational areas. The Patch neighborhood members consist of armed forces personnel and also Department of Defense civilians assigned to the Stuttgart Garrison, United says European Command, Africa Command, and also its miscellaneous support groups.

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PHS opened up in 1979 with seventh to twelfth grade students. In 2006, two middle schools were created making PHS a ninth through twelfth great high school. PHS offers a university preparatory program, to include a 9th and also 10th grade integrated honors literature and also world background program; fourteen advanced Placement (AP) courses; three people languages - French, German and Spanish; an advancement via Individual determination (AVID) program; and Junior reserve Officer training Command (JROTC). Together a result of rigorous academics and also hard-working students, PHS has some that the greatest TerraNova and also AP scores in Europe East.

Enrollment in ~ PHS has considerably varied end the past ten years, indigenous 407 student in 2006 to 815 students in 2013. Come accommodate this students, the physical college is created of four separate buildings: the main building, the annex, the gym and also four portable classrooms. The main structure is situated on numerous levels and has a unique architectural style, finish with green space courtyards, fish pond and also waterfall.

PHS has actually outstanding extra-curricular programs, providing 15 sports over three periods and nearly 40 college student clubs. Based on a student participation inspection in 2013, over 80 percent of PHS college student are associated in extra-curricular activities. Athletics are vital at Patch v over 67 percent of students participating in strong programs. Historically, PHS has actually been a department II school, however in 2006 joined division I and also has rapidly come to be competitive, to win numerous division I european Championships.

Parents and volunteers are connected at PHS and actively participate in the success the our sport programs and numerous college student clubs, in addition to Music Boosters, parent Teacher organization (PTO), college Advisory Committee (SAC) and Student task Fund the supervisory board (SAF). Support from the parents and Garrison neighborhood comes in the form of money, time, equipment and also resources.

Patch High institution officially closed June 30, 2015, with the opening of the brand-new Stuttgart High school for the 2015-16 college year.

Patch High college History

The complying with text was released in the 1980 Andenken, which was the title of the job American High college yearbook.

Beginning as a dream in 1976, Alexander M. Spot High institution laid its structures after a ground breaking ceremony in June the 1978. V a generous donation indigenous the German government, the High School and its neighbor, the primary school School, were granted 9.25 acres of terrain. ~ above this land now sits a 6.5 million dollar High School complex with the latest and most exciting of architectural achievements. Most of this funds come from conference Appropriation. Institution directors hoped much more money would certainly be bestowed native the very same source.

The design and construction was a joint German-American project, as the land will at some point go ago to the German government. Also, because that this reason, there are numerous special features included. Some instances that do this edifice distinct are that insulation and also gas heater systems, the Vivarium, the Zoo, the Forum, modern-day labs, the end classes, carpeting and also Patch High school in 1979liquid blackboards. The High institution is fitted with much more than 400 rooms; numbered among those: an LRC, a music center, a gymnasium, the "Fish Bowl", one-of-a-kind labs for business, cosmetology, art, drafting, commercial arts, residence economics, science, typing and also 21 all-purpose classrooms.

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A sum of 400,000 DM was invested on total landscaping. This has the many trees neighboring the building, the spectacular "Victoria Falls", and the equally exceptional "Sahara Dessert". Together a result of last year"s an especially harsh winter and a couple of select action of sabotage, the institution was not fairly ready to open up on September 4th. Although the opening appeared a little hectic and unorganized, spot High institution officially opened its doors top top the 10th the September <1979>.