So far, Air gear Season 2 has not been officially announced, so over there is no release day for the second season of this anime, yet the question is if there will be Air equipment Season 2 and also when it will certainly be released.

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Here’s whatever we know so far about whether or no there will be a new season of wait Gear and when it will certainly be released.The anime series Air Gear, known as Ea Gia in Japanese, is based upon a effective manga that the same name that was an initial published in 2003. The Air gear manga collection is written and illustrated by Oh! Great.

Air gear is a an excellent futuristic sporting activities anime collection with shounen aspects loved by civilization worldwide, which adheres to Itsuki, the key protagonist, as he do the efforts to satisfy his dream of reaching the sky and also becoming the most professional Storm rider ever.The anime television collection Air equipment has only had one season for this reason far and also three OVAs directed by Hajime Kamegaki and animated by Toei Animation. There is no indigenous on whether the studio or director will certainly be returning for Air gear s2.The an initial 25-episode Air equipment television anime series premiered in Japan in April 2006. Since then, this collection has amassed a sizable fan base that is still waiting for Air equipment Season 2 episode 1 or some sort of sequel.

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Will there be Air gear Season 2?

Unfortunately, Air gear Season 2 will certainly most likely never happen. That been more than 15 years because the very first season aired, for this reason if there were any kind of intentions to proceed Air equipment with a 2nd season, it would have happened a lengthy time ago. There room two crucial reasons why Air gear Season 2 will no much longer happen.

The an initial is that this collection is quite old, and also the original material has currently been completed. Because the first season was created in a 4:3 ratio, developing an Air equipment Season 2 without redoing the an initial season would certainly be difficult. In to compare to current anime, the an initial season looks bad. The manga has currently concluded, thus there is nothing an ext to advertise because that Air gear as well.The 2nd reason is the Air gear was never a popular or lucrative series. as a result, i don’t view it gaining a remake like Shaman King or fruits Basket. It’s not impossible, yet I’d speak there’s a 0% opportunity that this collection will get a brand-new season and also a 10% possibility that it will be rebooted.


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Air gear Season 2 release Date

There is no main release date for Air equipment Season 2 since a 2nd season was never confirmed, canceled, or announced, so over there is no countdown, and it’s really unlikely the there will ever be a release date for Air equipment season 2 also though this collection is still not finished.I simply wanted come let you understand that there is still a potential the this collection may get a brand-new season and also a release date. However, the only way for this collection to proceed is because that it to be totally rebooted. You never ever know, maybe a significant streaming service, such as Funimation or Netflix, will pick it up and produce a full adaptation. Or someone will create flying skates.We will upgrade this write-up if over there is any kind of news or a release day for Air gear announced top top the Air equipment official website. If you’ve given up hope that a brand-new Air equipment season will ever before be released, you have the right to start analysis the manga from volume 13 because the anime covered volumes 1 come 12.

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Air equipment Characters, actors & Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice ActorItsukiNobuhiko Okamoto (Boku no Hero Academia)KazumaMiyu Irino (Osomatsu-san)RingoHaruka Tomatsu (Sword art Online)AgitoRyouko Shiraishi (Hayate no Gotoku!)SimcaRie Tanaka (Mobile suit Gundam SEED)OnigiriMasami Kikuchi (Ai Tenchi Muyou!)IsshaKenta Miyake (Boku no Hero Academia)

II. Staff

DirectorHajime Kamegaki (Air Gear, Sonic X)Series Composition, ScriptChiaki Konaka (Digimon Tamers, Serial experiments Lain)Character DesignOh! great (Infini-T Force, Night Head 2041)StudioToei animation (One Piece, Dragon sphere Z)

Where can You watch Air Gear?

You can watch the Air gear anime series on Funimation or Hulu. Currently, the not available to clock on Crunchyroll, Amazon prime Video, or even Netflix in the USA.

Air gear Trailer

There is at this time no trailer for Air equipment Season 2 or Season 3, however we will short article it below if it ever becomes available. Below is a trailer because that the an initial season the Air equipment in English, i m sorry you must watch if girlfriend haven’t checked out it yet.

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Last thoughts on Air equipment Season 2

Many anime fans would celebrate if Air equipment anime season 2 was announced, yet this is unlikely to happen. I would certainly say that close to 0% the this anime series will ever before get another season announced. The only possibility of a 2nd season would be a full reboot.This post will it is in updated if new information i do not care available. For the moment being, feel free to check the anime-continue category for much more information top top anime sequels, or merely share this post with various other Air equipment fans.

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