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African dwarf frog laying upside under on bottom that tank however alive african dwarf frog laying upside under on bottom the tank yet alive
Ammonia: 0Ammonia tester used (salicylate or Nessler-reagent based?): not sure, used Mardel Ammonia check stripNitrite: greater than zero yet less than 0.5 mg/LNitrate:0Are you trial and error with dipsticks?: yespH: 7.2KH: not sure, alkalinity is 120 ppm, complete hardness is 120 ppmTemperature: varyies, min 65, max 72, our heater isn"t functioning properly, that doesn"t close up door off. We"ve placed it on a timer therefore it"s on because that a few hours at a time. This get"s the tank warmer however doesn"t cook the frogs. It"s a brand brand-new heater, our 2nd one. Now we"re researching far better heaters prior to we purchase another.Heater: initial Aqueon 50W submersible, instead of Petco 50W submersible.Aeration: noneWater readjust amount/frequency: haven"t changed water because ammonia, nitrite and nitrate look at good.Tank size/how long in operation:10gallon. Tank alone has actually been set up since Nov, frogs moved in about 3 weeks.Filtration: noneWater additives/conditioners/pH adjusters:noneWhat, just how much and also how frequently are the fish/frogs fed: twice a week, 4 -6 frog pelletsTank citizens (number, dimension and kind of fish/frogs): two adf"sNew additions/changes to the tank:added live plant 2 days ago,Unusual findings on the fish/frog: No unusual growths or coloring.Unusual behavior: smaller, i think masculine frog, is floating upside down on the bottom the the tank. I believed he to be dead. He to be swimming roughly fine last night. As soon as I tried to scoop him the end he relocated a bit yet didn"t really try to acquire away.Medications/what has been tried or done perform far: Moved tiny frog right into tiny acrylic tank (the tank he come in) to different him from the various other frog. Haven"t do the efforts anything else since we have actually no idea what to do.Summary of potential fish/frog stressors: brand-new plant? Otherwise no idea.We"re new frog owners. The frogs were given to my son as a birthday existing (without mine permission) in one of those small (4"x4") "self contained" tanks the supposedly you perform nothing to and the frogs space fine. As we"ve learned around the frogs us realized that the little tank was too little and was gaining too cold in ~ night as soon as the heat went down. We relocated the frogs right into the 10 gallon tank and have been functioning on getting the temperature right. Because that a when the tank was a stable 66 deg. As soon as we establish the temp was as well low we put the heater in. But the heaters don"t turn off! now the heater is on a timer for this reason the temp fluctuates between 67-72 deg F. Is the too lot for the frogs? would certainly it be better to leave them cold (66 deg) until I can get a great heater?Thanks for your help. Our local pet save is clueless about ADF"s

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I realized ns forgot to say what kind of plant we added, it"s a Amazon sword, Echinodorus amzonicus.The frog is currently right next up (I turned that over) and his back legs are greater than his back, choose he"s arching his back.