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Technology has actually increased farming productivity come the present.Technological advancement has to be sustainableTechnology is the basis because that SustainableAgriculture contemporary agriculture is forcing progressively to use practices that lead farmers to enhance their manufacturing costs, protect against losses and ensure stable production.This has actually led to find choices such together the adaptation that the concept of precision agriculture in the country’s crops.This has as a rule to identify the existing variety within the farms, plots to proceed to develop management areas where problems are homogeneous and administer each region what this requires.With this resource and inputs in the farms, plots and therefore, the benefit of the farming business will certainly be improved for the entire farming sector for the advantage of the farmers.

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Modern farming has multiplied the an unfavorable impacts ~ above the environment.


The destruction and also salinization of the soil, contamination by pesticides and fertilizers, deforestation or the ns of genetic biodiversity, are really important difficulties that have to be confronted in stimulate to continue enjoying the benefits that the green transformation has brought us.

The negative impacts are:

a) floor erosion The devastation of the soil and also its ns by being brushed up away by the waters or the winds represent the loss, worldwide, of between five and also seven million hectares the arable land every year.

b)Salinization and also waterlogging of highly irrigated soils When irrigated soils execute not have a sufficiently great drainage, they end up being waterlogged and also when the water evaporates, the salts included in the soil room dragged to the surface. Almost half of the world’s irrigated land has actually lost its productivity therefore and around 1.5 million hectares are shed each year.

c) Excessive usage of fertilizers and pesticides Fertilizers and also pesticides need to be provided in the right amounts so the they carry out not reason problems. Its excessive use reasons pollution that the waters when these assets are washed far by the rain. Pollution causes eutrophication the waters, mortality in fish and other life beings and damage to person health.Aquifers in farming areas have actually been contaminated through nitrates to a level dangerous to human being health, especially for children.

d) Depletion of aquifers Aquifers have actually been slow-moving to type for tens of years and also when water is gotten rid of in greater quantity than the one that reaches them, they space emptied.


That that is less complicated to cultivate the land through the brand-new technology, yet it has actually its disadvantages and benefits that has offered a very big turn in vegetables foods, directly benefiting those with few resources who have actually a hard time acquiring the straightforward basket.

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However, we have to take right into account that at the very same time nature is straight harmed, as result of the loss of fertility in the land, the air pollution of aquifers and mainly to the wellness of person beings.