Tuesday’s featured business is timing Chain replacement on a 2002 Acura RSX, carried to us by a client from Yaletown, Vancouver.

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2002 Acura RSX, photographed top top a rainy Vancouver feather day

Timing chains are designed to last the life of her engine, at the very least that’s the theory. In reality they regularly fail in ~ what seems to it is in a premature birth mileage.

Failure that the timing chain deserve to be catastrophic if pistons and also valves collide. Fortunately, over there is usually ample warning v rattling noises (see our recent engine replacement short article done on a Ford explorer with a noisy timing chain).

This 2002 Acura RSX likewise gave an early warning yet it was not noise: the engine all of sudden wouldn’t idle and the check engine lamp come on.

As always, we start with diagnosis. When the examine engine light come on it always stores a trouble password which provides us a clue as to where the error lies. In this case it to be a code P0341 (Variable valve timing phase gap). The common cause of this code, ~ above this vehicle, is a timing chain that has actually jumped a tooth.

Delving additional into ours tests we found out the this is a reasonably common issue on this engine; so much so that Acura has actually written a “ServiceNews Article” (It’s a nice way to say Technical business Bulletin).

In the ServiceNews short article we detailed something that must be carried to everyone’s attention and also that is: “A damaged or stretched cam chain, resulting from infrequent oil changes.” Lack of continual oil transforms are the best killer of time chains. It need to be provided however, that they will periodically fail also with an excellent maintenance.


Acura “ServiceNews Article.” note the very first line wherein it mentions infrequent oil changes.

Upon taking our Acura RSX timing chain cover off we discovered that the exhaust cam was a couple of teeth out the place because of a extended chain. The automobile owner is lucky the the chain only skipped two teeth: several an ext teeth would have actually caused valves to collide through pistons and made for an extremely expensive repair bill.

Once replaced, the chain was much tighter and also the engine ran well.

Interesting sufficient the repair invoice for this job was no much more than a proper timing belt instead of (with front engine oil seals, tensioners and also water pump). This automobile had 152,000 kilometers which is also near the encourage mileage for many Honda/Acura time belt replacement intervals.

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If I have the right to leave friend with major point native this article it is: Change your oil regularly as this is crucial to long timing chain life!


The 2 camshaft gears: input on the left and exhaust ~ above the right. The red arrows allude to the timing marks. This are an alleged to be dealing with each other however as you have the right to see lock don’t: the exhaust equipment is sitting as well low


Valve gear at height of cylinder head. This is the view v the valve sheathe removed. The red arrows allude to the tops of the valves and valve springs. Blue points to the camshafts i m sorry are pushed by the timing chain. Green arrows point to the rocker arms. These space all parts that cam be damaged if the timing chain skips too countless teeth.

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