A shot of Love through Tila Tequila star Bobby Banhart, whose split with Tila has made room because that a 2nd season that the series, described in one interview with reality blurred the their relationship ended since of Tila’s schedule and also travel plans.

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Tila revealed top top MTV’s brand-new Year’s Eve present that Bobby damaged up through her. Yesterday, the told me that “things simply didn’t work-related out” since “she’s busy; I’m law my own thing. … Did i break up through her? not really. She was simply too busy. … I’m the kind of human being who desires to have the ability to talk to them and see them.” that did confirm that they had a significant pre-New Year’s conversation. “I speak to her 2 days before brand-new Year’s, and we talked on the phone call a little bit. I simply didn’t see myself in any type of of the plan she had,” the said. “I don’t want to have to chase someone to spend time through them.”

But in a MySpace posting before brand-new Year’s Eve, Bobby wrote, “She never referred to as me after the last show and also no one would give me she number so pretty lot I feeling like and also ass but we space not 2gather. U cant have a connection bye urself ya know.” i asked him around the discrepancy, and also he said, “I take it the blog the down for various other reasons, because that contract factors I can’t even comment on. The points I say and the things I created were pretty much for a reason, and also that’s every I can say as much as that goes.”

He says that, while castle “really didn’t talk that much,” that did speak to her 3 or four times after the show concluded that six-week taping in mid-September. Due to the fact that the outcome of the present would be spoiled, “we couldn’t check out each in other in person,” that said, and that “was simply hard,” particularly with her take trip schedule cultivating the series.

Still, he states he had genuine, if unexpected, feelings for her. “I didn’t try to fall in love, it simply happened,” the said. “I didn’t enter that anticipating that, but when you open up to someone it sort of surprises you. … i loved her as a person and I thought she to be great. It’s inevitably the you’re going to love someone if you spend 24/7 through them.”

As come rumors that Tila isn’t bisexual, Bobby says “I honestly thought she to be attracted much more to girls than to guys. If she isn’t bisexual, I’ll tell you what, she acted yes, really good, due to the fact that she fooled me.” He claims she was genuinely quite to everyone on set, and also “tried to spend as lot time as she might with everybody.” He added that “behind camera, she’s a real cool person.” and also the remainder of the present was genuine, too, lot to his surprise. “As far as everything you saw, whatever was real, and that’s what surprised me, because nothing to be planned,” that said.

Banhart, who has just been actors in the lead duty in an live independence romantic comedy referred to as “Within the Heart” written and also directed by Gina Luciano, doesn’t dominion out an additional reality series, and also says his experience was incredibly positive. “I don’t regret anything. … I had actually a fun through it. I met a bunch of an excellent people; the production was incredible. A bunch of significant people. Once you “can’t to speak anything bad about anyone, you know that it was a nice, well-spent 2 months.” However, he added, “my liver’s more than likely not doing also well after ~ two months.”


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