A problem by Anton Chekhov essays summarize the short story by Russian author Anton Chekhov.

“A Problem” is a quick story through Russian author Anton Chekhov. The story concerns what happens once a forged IOU note affects a family. An ext important 보다 the plot is Chekhov’s brilliant and also rich characterizations. Chekov explores the id that individuals are frequently unsure the themselves and that there must be after-effects for negative behavior.


Sasha Uskov has actually written a promissory note that he cannot pay, cashing that a neighborhood bank. Having forged his uncle’s signature, that is in a bind. Currently that the keep in mind is overdue, his uncles space debating what to do. Your dilemma is either to salary the note and save the family’s honor, or allow Sasha face the consequences of his actions. The uncles room reactive come Sasha. Chekhov keeps the emphasis on Sasha’s actions and also morals.

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Sasha is shown as not precisely caring what wake up to him: dealing with his uncles, in prison, or being sent out to Siberia room all alternatives that he is facing, yet his perspective is one of resignation. One of the uncles, Ivan Markovitch, desires to forgive Sasha and also save the family’s honor. An additional uncle, the Colonel, whose name is on the forgery, believes the paying the debt would certainly be a mistake. As soon as Sasha the is ultimately freed from blame his first reaction is come go and also have a drink with his friends. The is only after remembering that he has no money go his atmosphere sink. He climate asks his uncle Ivan Markovitch to loan the 100 rubles.

The bet by Anton Chekhov research records examine a brief story created by Russian writer Anton Chekhov in 1889.

The be afflicted with Anton Chekov research records examine the comedic one-act play composed by Russian dramatist Anton Chekov.

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