In the English Language, we have several different words to define a group of something. For example, a team of crows is called a murder, a carven for camels, a gaggle that geese, and also a parliament of owls.

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But one pet we’ll be concentrating on today is the resource of our bacon. Pigs.For the meat lover out there, pigs space a delicious treat. Because that the vegetarians and also vegans reading this, pigs room cute, friendly, and also clever. But regardless regarding where to you stand on eat them, I obtain a emotion that most of you analysis this won’t know what a team of pigs is called.

There are number of answers including drift, drove, litter, sounder, or passel.The brief answer: A team of pigs deserve to have several various names. Little ones are dubbed a drift, a drove, or a litter. And older people are referred to as a team, or a passel. And wild ones room often referred to as a sounder.
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Why do we name groups of animals?Baby piggiesBig pigsWhy room babies named in different ways from grown ups?Wild pigsNicknamesSexist MenA team of sexist menConclusion

Why carry out we name teams of animals?

This concern does raise another question. Why?

Why execute we name groups of animals? Why don’t we just day a team of crows, camels, geese, owls, or pigs?The process of naming groups of animals is called ‘Terms the Venery’. It actually dates all the means back come the center ages.The purpose of making use of this process was for hunters to display off their knowledge around hunting.Part the the English language originates from men wanting display off.

Where these names come from different from pet to animal. Crows are connected with murder, and also owls look wise, favor a parliament.


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Baby piggies

But ~ above the pigs.Let’s start with everyone favourite sort of pigs. The babies. The piglets.These pocket size cuties are much too sweet to end up ~ above a dinner plate.

A team of the piglets have actually 3 various names that they can be advert as. A drift, a drove, or a litter.A litter is a usual name because that a group of infant animals, it’s often used to describe cats or dogs.Drove is a common term in farming. It means a herd who being propelled in one solitary body.Drift in agriculture is a noun which way to heard cattle to a details place. The function of drifting is come decide who owns the livestock or the i have loaded a fine.

Big pigs

And now, onto the grown ups. The one’s who get carried home as bacon.Unfortunately, the main term for a group of grown up pigs is referred to as a team. Team is a good general term for a group whenever over there isn’t another name available.There is however an additional name, which is a bit more interesting. Passel.Passel is characterized as ‘a large number or amount’. Return what precisely constitutes a ‘large number’ isn’t defined, an especially not because that pigs.

Why room babies named in different way from grown ups?

This walk raise yet another why. Why carry out we surname baby pigs in different ways from older pigs?And in every honesty, there isn’t actually a great reason why. It simply is.That’s the really weird thing about the English Language. Over there isn’t really a why through a most things. Language no logical.But since that’s what the farmers have actually decided, and also those are the terms they’ve to be using, those have end up being the main terms because that a group of pigs.

Wild pigs

But yes sir a little of a twist now.The name’s us have spoken about only apply to tamed pigs. Most of girlfriend will know that no all pigs live top top a farm. There room some who live in forest. Wild pigs.A team of wild pigs is well-known as a sounder.

The purpose of having actually a different name for a team of wild and domesticated pigs would certainly be because that the hunters. Finding a sounder the pigs would median hunt away, whereas finding a passel that pigs would median to help out ~ above the farm.Rarely will wild pigs it is in made right into bacon.


As well a group names, there are additionally nicknames for pigs.The key two are swine and also hogs. Back they might seem prefer synonyms, over there is actually a difference between a swine and a hog. Any pig deserve to be a swine. But in order come qualify as a hog, the pig demands to weigh at least 120lbs.

There is one more name, boar. Usually when we think the boar, we would certainly think that wild pigs. However, a castrated residential pig can likewise be referred to as a boar.But today, most people use the terms pigs, hogs, and swine interchangeably, and use boar to describe wild pigs.

Sexist Men

Pig isn’t simply a word offered to describe the cute animal. Sometimes when a man is gift sexist, perverted, or overly sexual, you can refer to him together a pig.If she on the left ~ above the politics aisle, you could have referred to certain capitalists as pigs.These nicknames likely come from a couple of unfair stereotypes that pigs. The idea the pigs room lazy, dirty, greedy, and stupid.

It’s up for debate as to whether this stereotypes room true. But due to the fact that they’re typically held, the nicknames for human being have stuck.

A team of sexist men

This however again raises an additional question. Can you usage the collective nouns for pigs when you’re talking around sexists?Could you describe a repertoire of sexist males as a sounder, a passel, or a team?In short, you could. Yes no law versus it. However, will people know what you’re talk about?Probably not.

But as pointed out earlier, the rule of the English language aren’t established by reasonable or reason, they are identified by typical usage. So if people begin referring to groups of sexist men as passels or teams, then the will become the main terminology. But since we don’t, over there is currently no collective noun because that a group of sexist men.

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Groups of pets have end up being a staple of the English Language. Even though lock originate native hunters want to present off their knowledge, they space still used today.A group of pigs have the right to have several different names. Small ones are dubbed a drift, a drove, or a litter. And older ones are referred to as a team, or a passel. And wild ones are often dubbed a sounder.Although pig is an humiliation which method sexist man, we have decided that the collective nouns which describe the animals do not refer to males who accomplish this description.