A cape is a high suggest of land the extends right into a river, lake, or ocean. Some capes, such as the Cape of good Hope in southern Africa, are components of large landmasses. Others, such as Cape Hatteras in the U.S. State of phibìc Carolina, are components of islands. 
Peninsulas are similar to capes. Many geographers consider capes to be smaller than peninsulas. Capes are narrow functions that jut into a body of water. Peninsulas can be large, and many room barely connected to the mainland in ~ all.

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Capes deserve to be created through numerous different processes, including the activity of s currents, rivers, erosion, and glaciers.
The Mexican will of Cabo san Lucas was created by the collision of s currents. Seaside currents going in the contrary directions fulfill in the shallow waters off the coast of the peninsula the Baja California. The motion of these currents push sand up right into pointed shapes. 
Cape Giradeau (ZHEER-uh-doh) in the U.S. State of Missouri, was formed as the Mississippi flow deposited gravel and also other sediments in shallow water. Back Cape Giradeau is a town, the actual geographic cape no much longer exists. More than a century of intense river management and development drowned many of the cape.
The Cape of great Hope, on southern Africa"s Atlantic coast, was created as an effective waves gradually eroded seaside rock. The Cape of great Hope is part of the Table mountain range. The Table hills are mostly made of sandstone, a soft rock. The s eroded the Table hill sandstone on the coast, leaving just the hard, rocky cape.
Cape cod in the U.S. State the Massachusetts, was developed by glaciers. During the last ice age, a glacier carved its way through the phibìc American landscape. Earthen material called moraine piled increase in prior of and also on either side of the glacier. As the glacier melted and also retreated, the piles of land emerged as a fishhook-shaped cape.

Cape of good HopeThe Cape of good Hope in southern Africa is regularly thought to be the southern pointer of Africa, but it"s not. The southern pointer is actually Cape Agulhas, 150 kilometers (93 miles) south-east of good Hope.

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long duration of cold climate where glaciers cover huge parts of the Earth. The critical ice period peaked around 20,000 year ago. Additionally called glacial age.


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