After Previous
An computer animation command that begins the computer animation sequence because that the selected PowerPoint slide aspect immediately after ~ the perfect of the previous animation or slide transition.

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AnimationAny form of motion or activity that occurs as the presentation move from on slide to slide. 2. A distinct visual impact or sound effect added to message or an object.
Animation PainterA function that copies computer animation settings from one object to another.
Background styleA slide background to fill variation that combines template colors in various intensities or patterns.
Body FontA font the is applied to all slide text except titles.
Category LabelA chart facet that identifies a group of data.
CellThe intersection of a column and also a row.
Cell ReferenceThe to know of a certain cell through its intersecting tower letter and row number.
ChartA graphic representation of numeric data.
Column ChartA form of chart provided to to compare data.
Data MarkerA column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a solitary data point; related data points form a data series.
Data PointA worth that originates in a worksheet cell and that is stood for in a graph by a data marker.
Data SeriesRelated data points represented by data markers; each group has a unique shade or pattern stood for in the chart legend.
Emphasis EffectAn animation effect that, because that example, makes things shrink or grow in size, change color, or spin on that center.
Entrance EffectAn animation effect that occurs as soon as the message or object is introduced right into the slide throughout a on slide show.
Exit EffectAn computer animation effect that occures once the text or object leaves the slide or disappears throughout a slide show.
Headings FontThe font the is applied to slide titles.
LegendA chart element that identify the fads or colour that room assigned come the categories in the chart.
Line ChartA chart kind that is valuable to display screen trends over time; time displays along the bottom axis and also the data pont worths are associated with a line.
On ClickAn animation command that starts the computer animation sequence for the selected PowerPoint slide element when the mouse button is clicked or the spacebar is pressed.
TableA layout for info that organizes and also presents text and also data in columns and rows.
Table StyleFormatting applied to an entire table so that it is constant with the presentation theme.
Theme ColorsA collection of coordinating colors the are used to the backgrounds, objects, and text in a presentation.
Theme FontA layout that identify the font used to two varieties of on slide text- headings and also body.
Timing OptionsAnimation choices that regulate when man items display screen in the computer animation sequence.
TrimThe activity of deleting components of a video clip to make it shorter.

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With PreviousAn animation command that begins the animation sequence top top a PowerPoint slide in ~ the same time together the previous animation or on slide transition.
Chart Elementsthe various materials of a chart, consisting of the graph tytle, axis tytles, data series, legend, graph area, and also plot area
Chart aspects Buttona button that displays options for adding, removing, or transforming chart elements
Chart filter Buttona switch that displays options for transforming the data presented in a chart
Chart Stylea set of predefined formats used to a chart, including colors, backrounds, and also effects
Chart styles Buttona switch that displays choices for setting the style and also color plan for a chart