The native that describes the idea of having a two-house legislative to divide power. (193)
republicA government in which citizens dominion through elected representatives. (193)
Articles of ConfederationAmerica's an initial plan because that a nationwide government embraced in 1777. (193-194)
statesIn the write-ups of Confederation, ___________ kept most of the power, while Congress to be weak. (194)
constitutionA written arrangement of government. (193)
SpainThis country suggested with America in the 1780's around use of the southern Mississippi river for transferring goods. (198)
Mississippi RiverSpain and also the U.S. Suggested over control of this natural boundary. (198)
OrdinanceThe ___________ that 1785 and the Northwest ____________ were laws that allowed western regions to grow and become states in one orderly manner. (195-196)
George WashingtonHe described the A.of C. As "little much more than shadow without the substance" in 1786. (198)
BritainThis nation kept army forts in America's great Lakes region, and interfered v American trade. (197-198).

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CongressUnder the short articles of Confederation, America had actually no president or nationwide court system. The A. The C. Consistied of just of the _______________. (194)
nineThe variety of states required to provide the Constitution because that it to become America's plan of government.
Articles that ConfederationThe weak national government that the structure replaced.
depressionA duration of financial difficulties.
James MadisonHe created the Virginia setup -- our straightforward plan of government.
PhiladelphiaThe constitution Convention took location in the Pennsylvania State home in this city.
1787The constitutional Convention took location in the summer that this year.
Virginia PlanJames Madison's setup to develop a solid national government with 3 branches.
New Jersey PlanThe tiny states' plan. It called for equal depiction in Congress.
Great CompromiseAgreement that satisfied huge and tiny states v a bicameral conference ( house & Senate).
House that RepresentativesThe house of Congress the is established by state population.
SenateEvery state gets 2 members in this house of Congress.
Three-Fifths CompromiseAgreement that 60% the the slave population would counting towards representation in the residence of Representatives.
Bill of RightsA list of rights and also freedoms guaranteed to citizens.
Shays's RebellionFarmers' rebellion that verified the weakness of the short articles of Confederation.
Executive BranchAs the leader of this branch, the President runs the federal federal government with the assist of his Cabinet.
Legislative BranchIn this branch of our commonwealth government, the residence & Senate makes new laws and decide just how to use America's taxation revenue.
Judicial BranchThe branch of federal government that serves together our national court device led by the supreme Court.
PresidentChief Executive, Commander-in-Chief, Head that State, Diplomatic Leader, legislative Leader and also more....
Supreme CourtThis is the highest possible court in America. Its members head up the judicial Branch.
House the RepresentativesOne that the bodies of Congress. There are 435 members.
SenateOne that the bodies of Congress. There space 100 members.
Electoral CollegeThis is the group of the electors from every state that actually elect the President. Each state gets as countless electors together they have actually members the Congress.
vetoThe president's legislative power to refuse to authorize a bill into law.
checks & balancesSystem the keeps any kind of branch of federal government from obtaining too lot power. Each branch has actually powers to border the authority of the other branches.
judicial reviewThis is the one-of-a-kind power that the supreme Court to ascendancy on the constitutionality of laws.
impeachmentThis is the procedure to eliminate a President, or can be fried Court Justice. First the home votes, then the Senate.
CabinetThe leaders of fifteen departments recommend the chairman in running the country.
Vice Presidentleader that the Senate & first in the heat of Presidential succession
Chief JusticeThis head the the can be fried Court division the tie in vital cases.
majorityThis is the kind of vote vital to decide a can be fried Court case -- even 5-4 is decisive.
CongressAnother surname for the legislative branch Branch. The usual name for the house & Senate together.
FederalistsSupporters of the structure who said for its ratification.
AntifederalistsGovernment leaders who argued for a bill of civil liberties to be included to the Constituiton.
amendmenta change, or addition, come the Constitution
responsibilitiesThings the American citizens are expected to do even though over there is no penalty for no doing it; choose voting.
dutiesThings American citizens are required to do; like obeying regulations & offer on juries.
1st Amendment5 freedoms - speech, religion, press, assembly & petition.
2nd AmendmentRight to safeguard yourself through a gun.
4th AmendmentNo unreasonable find & seizure.
6th AmendmentRight come a speedy, windy trial with the aid of a lawyer determined by a jury.

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8th AmendmentNo devilish & unexplained punishment, or too much bail.