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A mule and a donkey were transporting full sacks on their backs. The mule started complaining that his pack was too hefty.The donvital said to him "Why are you complaining? If you gaveme among your sacks I'd have actually double what you have and also if Igive you one of my sacks we'd have actually an also amount." How many sacks were each of them carrying? Give the minimalpossible answer.

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The mule was moving 5 sacks and also the doncrucial was carrying 7sacks. Let's assume that the mule was carrying M sacks and also thedonessential was moving D sacks. As the donkey told the mule, "If you offered me one of yoursacks I'd have actually double what you have actually." D + 1 = 2 * (M-1) D + 1 = 2M - 2 D = 2M - 3 The donessential likewise said, "If I provide you among my sacks we'dhave actually an even amount." D - 1 = M + 1 D = M + 2 Comparing both the equations, 2M - 3 = M + 2 M = 5 Substituting M=5 in any kind of of above equation, we obtain D=7 Hence, the mule was transporting 5 sacks and the donvital wasdelivering 7 sacks.

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