You may recognize the best English unit volume to book a room for the night, to make a business deal, to use transportation.

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But other conversations have the right to be more… personal.

Conversations between friends space something her textbook or English class may not have actually prepared friend for.

The truth is, casual conversations in a language you’re quiet learning deserve to be even more complicated than formal conversations.

After all, in formal situations you know you should be polite. You can discover out what phrases to use, and also memorize them.

In casual conversations, the isn’t as vital to use particular phrases.

For example, you don’t need to say, “Hello, how are you?” every time you satisfy a friend.

But there space still details phrases because that informal conversation that are beneficial to know.

Conversations additionally tend to follow particular patterns, even when the world having them know each other well.

Below room some instances of just how to make small talk, make plans and also have personal conversations, presented through instance dialogues between two girlfriend in English.

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6 common Conversations between Two girlfriend in English

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Greetings and tiny Talk

Some human being think of little talk (unimportant, supposed conversation) together being shallow (not moral or “real”). But it’s something the we perform to make each other comfortable. Because that example, asking about someone’s project or exactly how they’re doing is a way of reflecting that friend care, and also these questions deserve to lead to much more personal and also interesting conversation.

It’s true the close friends might not use small talk as much as civilization who don’t understand each various other well. Yet there are still times as soon as using little talk v friends provides sense. Because that example, if you accomplish an old friend who you haven’t watched in a long time, or if you’re meeting v a friend that you just don’t watch every day.

Let’s look at a couple of conversations below to check out what those situations might sound like.

Conversation #1:Conversations between Friends

Here, we’re actually going to look at a video clip that includes two conversations. This clip can likewise be found on v interactive captions and also a transcript with playable audio. bring away real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and transforms them into personalized language discovering lessons.

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Let’s check out along come the conversations in the above video:

Sam: Oh? Bob!

Bob: Hey Sam! great to see you!

Sam: How’s the going?

Bob: Yeah, good. Working a lot. And you?

Sam: i went earlier to school.

Bob: an excellent for you!

Mike and Jim

Jim: Mike?

Mike: Jim?

Jim: What have actually you been up to?

Mike: working a lot.

Jim: that sounds hard.

Mike: How’s the family?

Jim: everyone is good. Thanks!

Now, let’s look in ~ some valuable phrases from the dialogues above.

Useful Phrases

“Good to view you!”

This is a nice means to greet someone as soon as you haven’t viewed them in a while.

“How’s that going?”

This is a common greeting in English, choose “How room you?” Don’t it is in surprised if you speak this come someone and they don’t respond, or say “Yeah, how’s the going?” back.

Bob replies come this concern with “Yeah, good.” This might seem a tiny weird since Sam didn’t ask a correctly or no question. However in this case, “yeah” doesn’t have any type of special meaning. It’s simply a means to acknowledge Sam’s question and also move on.

“Good because that you!”

This is a nice way to congratulate a friend on their successes or accomplishments.

Conversation #2: meeting Up through a friend at a Restaurant

Small talk can take place with nearby friends who you watch regularly and also with friends friend don’t check out as often. Here’s an example of a conversation that can happen between two friends who know each other pretty well.

Nathan: Hey, Alicia?

Alicia: oh hey, i didn’t see you there. Walk you already get a table?

Nathan: Yeah, ideal over here.

Alicia: I’m happy we had time to fulfill up.

Nathan: Me too. So, what’s walk on?

Alicia: Oh, not much. You?

Nathan: not much. Hey, how did your interview go? Wasn’t that today?

Alicia: Oh, yeah. Ns think it went well. I don’t understand if I got the task yet, yet they stated they would speak to in a couple of days.

Nathan: Well, I’m certain you go great. An excellent luck.

Alicia: Thanks. I’m just happy that it’s over. I was yes, really nervous around it.

Nathan: I can understand that. I gain nervous prior to interviews, too.

Alicia: Well, many thanks for gift supportive. I evaluate it.

Nathan: Sure, no problem.

Useful Phrases

“I’m happy we had actually time to fulfill up.”

If you’re conference a friend you don’t check out every day, this is a nice way of saying the you evaluate them making an effort to check out you. Other methods of speak this might be, “Thanks for making time to see me” or “We need to do this an ext often.”

“What’s walk on?”

Like with “How’s it going?” the other person might not always reply to this question. If they do, they’ll most likely either actually tell friend what’s going on, or simply say, “Not much.”

In the conversation above, Nathan and also Alicia both to speak “not much” is going on v them, yet then they end up talking around Alicia’s interview. This is quite common. A person might sometimes also reply “not much,” and then automatically start talking around all the points that in reality are walk on.

“I can understand that.”

This is a an excellent phrase to acknowledge a friend’s feel or opinions.

“Sure, no problem.”

This is a casual means of saying “You’re welcome” as soon as someone thanks you.

Learning tiny talk is an important for excelling in the service world.

For that, the source that us would most recommend is Creativa.

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Here’s a sample video from Creativa’sMastering Business video Calls in Englishcourse, which has tips for expressing you yourself effectively:

Making Plans through Friends

To check out your friend in the very first place, you need to make plans with them. Below are a couple of conversations that present how that can go.

Conversation #1:Inviting a girlfriend for a Movie

John: Hello, Bob!

Bob: Hi, John!

John: are you cost-free this weekend?

Bob: i think so, why?

John: want to view a movie?

Bob: Sure.

John: Great!

Useful Phrases

“Are you totally free this weekend?”

This is a friendly, common means to open a conversation once you’re going come ask someone to perform something with you.

Conversation #2: do Plans because that a Get-together

In the conversation above, Bob and also John decide to view a movie together. However they don’t decision on what to see, or precise time. Hope they’ll talk about this later—otherwise castle won’t recognize what they’re doing!

Below, we’ll look in ~ a much more detailed conversation about making plans.

Trudy: Hey, for this reason I’m having actually a party in ~ my location next weekend. Execute you want to come?

Lee: Sure! the sounds prefer fun. Who else is coming?

Trudy: Let’s see. I think it’s walking to it is in Jerome, Talia, Anna, Juan, Celeste, Michelle and also possibly Jamie. It’s not really walk to be a party, an ext like a small get-together. I’m cooking dinner, and also we deserve to just cave out.

Lee: What time should I be there?

Trudy: Oh, anytime in between 6 and also 7 would certainly be fine.

Lee: deserve to I lug anything?

Trudy: Oh, don’t worry around it. I have whatever covered.

Lee: can I in ~ least lug a party of wine?

Trudy: Well, I’m not going to say no come wine. I’m certain that would certainly be appreciated.

Lee: I’ll execute that, then. Thanks for inviting me.

Useful Phrases

“That sounds like fun.”

If someone invites you come an event, or just invites you to perform something through them, this is a nice means to to speak “yes.”

“Can I carry anything?”

In the U.S. And also some other English-speaking areas, this is a polite question to asking if someone invites you come a dinner, party or holiday event where there’s going to be food. It’s usually suitable (and sometimes even expected!) come ask this question also if the human who invited you is a close friend or household member.

Having an individual Conversations with Friends

Once you’ve made plans and greeted her friends, every that’s left to execute is just… well, it is in a friend. Friends go to each other for help, because that advice and also when they desire to share your opinions and experiences.

Conversations that are more personal space usually much less structured and also follow fewer rules. However there are still phrases that English speakers often tend to usage a lot of in an individual conversations, and also there space still particular speech trends we follow to present support for our friends. Let’s look at some examples.

Conversation #1:A Friend’s Advice

Makayla: Hi, Gemma. Friend look terrible!

Gemma: Hey, Makayla. Mmm, i haven’t slept.

Makayla: room you OK? What’s the matter?

Gemma: Well, you recognize that photo I sent out to Clare on Friday night?

Makayla: Yeah?

Gemma: Well, she sent it to Justin.

Makayla: five no! How might she carry out that? the obviously was only for her.

Gemma: i know! I assumed she’d uncover it funny.

Makayla: Well, that was quite funny. But you didn’t intend her to send it come anyone.

Gemma: No, of food not! particularly not Justin! Oh, it’s for this reason embarrassing!

Makayla: Ah well, don’t worry. Ns know exactly how you feel, though.

Gemma: and also what if that puts the on facebook or something? What if mine mum sees it?

Makayla: No no, don’t worry. That won’t. It’s not that interesting for the or anyone else, to it is in honest.

Gemma: yet what if he does?

Makayla: the won’t. Yet maybe asking Clare to speak to Justin… get him come delete the photo?

Gemma: Yeah, maybe. However that can just do him even an ext interested.

Makayla: Yeah, true.

Gemma: What execute you think I must do?

Makayla: Mmm… I’d just shot to forget about it if i were you.

Gemma: yet I’m so annoyed through Clare!

Makayla: possibly speak come Clare, phone call her how you feel. She shouldn’t be share people’s exclusive photos.

Gemma: Okay, yeah. Many thanks for the advice, Makayla. I’ll speak to her.

Makayla: an excellent idea. And don’t worry. Simply be careful and don’t send any more embarrassing photos!

Gemma: Yeah, i know, i know. Ns won’t.

Note: The dialogue above is in british English. The only difference in just how this conversation might go in American English is the Gemma would more than likely say “mom” instead of “mum.” Also, Americans often tend to usage “quite” less than british people.

Useful Phrases

“Are friend okay?” / “What’s the matter?”

The over two phrases are great for checking on your friends if the seems like something can be wrong.

“What carry out you think I should do?”

It isn’t always obvious when you’re looking for advice, in any language. If you want to recognize what a friend thinks you must do in a situation, just ask like this!

“I know just how you feel.”

This is a good general phrase for showing sympathy, and it can not always be provided literally. For example, we have actually no idea if Makayla really does know just how Gemma feels. Yet what Makayla seems to be saying is that Gemma’s feelings tho matter, also if the case itself isn’t that bad.

However, you may want to be cautious of using this phrase if someone is telling you around a instance that girlfriend obviously can’t recognize personally. In a instance like that, it might seem rude and self-centered. Instead, you deserve to say, “That sounds terrible.”

Conversation #2: Talking around Opinions ~ above a Book

Friends can help you once you’re having actually problems. They’re likewise there come listen once you simply want come talk about your feelings and also opinions.

Nina: So i don’t know what girlfriend thought about the book, however I had actually a lot of mixed feelings around it.

Sean: Oh, really? favor what?

Nina: Well, I assumed the key character’s situation was interesting, yet his mindset toward ladies bothered me.

Sean: I can see that. It definitely seemed favor he had some troubles with women.

Nina: ns would have liked to understand exactly how that started. Ns mean, the publication didn’t go into too lot detail about why he felt the way.

Sean: i agree with that. Ns think the writer could have actually handled that part better. I did gain the descriptions, though.

Nina: five yes, the creating was beautiful! That just made me much more disappointed in the character.

Sean: Well, this is just my opinion, however maybe the personality would have actually been easier to understand if the writing had actually been simpler. It seemed choose the author spent a the majority of time top top the descriptions, when he can have spent an ext time on the character’s thoughts.

Nina: I’m not sure if i agree with that. I just think the the writing can have been more thoughtful when still gift beautiful, if that renders sense.

Sean: the does do sense. I think probably the difficulty for me is simply that not lot actually happened.

Nina: You’re right about that. Over there wasn’t lot of a story.

Sean: ns still appreciated parts that the book, though.

Nina: Oh, i did, too. And also I evaluate hearing your point of view.

Useful Phrases

“I don’t recognize what you believed about…”

This is a nice means to allow someone recognize that you would be open to hearing their thoughts.

“I have the right to see that.”

This is a great way to recognize someone’s thoughts, whether or no you agree with them.

“I agree through that.” / “I’m not certain if i agree with that.”

“I’m not certain if ns agree with that” is nicer than “I don’t agree v you.”

“…if that provides sense.”

This is a common method that human being end sentences when giving their opinions or explaining something. Often, this has the an interpretation of “Does the make sense?” or “Do you understand what i mean?”

Apart from all these phrases, there space thousands an ext that native speakers usage on a day-to-day basis. Girlfriend don’t need to learn every one of them in ~ once, yet you have the right to start v the ones consisted of in this awesome video clip from’s English YouTube channel: English will just teach girlfriend things aboriginal speakers use, for this reason you can be sure your conversations will certainly be natural. I ordered it to the channel today and enjoy every the goodies it has to offer. Her friends will be amazed at your conversation skills!

Good friendships are rewarding and worthwhile, no matter what language friend speak with your friends.

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Hopefully, the over conversations in between two girlfriend have given you a better idea of exactly how to be a an excellent friend in English.