Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment that fuses and also relays Mercury Mountaineer (1997, 1998, 2000, 2001).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electric system indigenous overloading. If electrical contents in the vehicle are not working, the system may have been overloaded and blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Inspect the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components. A puffy fuse can be established by a rest in the wire within the fuse.


Before replacing a fuse inspect that the key has been eliminated from the ignition and also that all the solutions are switched off and/or disengaged.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high present fuses.Do no repair fuses and also never change a puffy fuse v one that has actually a higher amp rating. This have the right to severe cable damage and could begin a fire.Never change a broken fuse v anything various other than a new fuse.Even after ~ a fuse is replaced, the will continue to blow if the reason of the overload is not identified and corrected. If the fuse proceeds to blow, have the vehicle’s electric system confirm by your dealer or a qualified company technician.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse dashboard is situated on the left-hand side of the tool panel facing the driver’s next door. Pull the panel cover exterior to access the fuses. To eliminate a fuse use the fuse puller tool detailed on the fuse dashboard cover.



№AProtected components
17.5Power mirror Switch, strength Antenna, memory Seat (2000-2001)
27.51998-2001: Blower engine Relay, wait Bag Diagnostic Monitor, Passive Deactivation (PAD) Module (1998)
7.51997: High-mount Brakelamp
37.51998-2001: Left Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
151997: Parking Lamps
410Left Headlamp
510Data link Connector (DLC)
67.51999-2001: Rear Blower motor (Without EATC)
7.51997-1998: Air Bag System, Blower Relay, Passive Deactivation (PAD) Module (1998)
77.51998-2001: Right Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
7.51997: Illumination switches
810Right Headlamp, Foglamp Relay, Daytime running Lamps (DRL) Module (1998)
97.51998-2001: Brake Pedal position Switch
101997: Autolamps
107.51998-2001: Speed Control/Amplifier Assembly, Generic digital Module (GEM), change Lock Actuator, blend Door Actuator, A/C - Heater Assembly, Flasher, Overhead Console (1999-2001), load Leveling Module (1999-2001), Brake pressure Switch (1998), key Light switch (1998), RABS Resistor (1998), A/C - Heater Assembly
7.51997: Rear Blower, speed Control, Generic electronic Module (GEM), Brake Interlock, Overhead Console
117.5Instrument Cluster, main Light move (1998), RABS Resistor (1998)
127.51998-2001: Washer Pump Relay, rear Washer Pump Relay
101997: Liftgate Wiper/Washer, front Washer
13201998-2001: Brake Pedal position Switch, Brake push Switch
151997: Brake on/off Switch
14101998-2001: 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake mechanism (4WABS) Module, 4WABS key Relay
101997: Anti-Lock Brake System
201998: Rear Anti-Lock Brake system (RABS) Module
157.5Instrument Cluster, waiting Bag device (1997)
1630Windshield Wiper engine (1998-2001), Wiper Hi-Lo Relay (1998-2001), Wiper Run/Park Relay
17251998-2001: Cigar Lighter
151997: Cigar Lighter
18251999-2001: Drivers Unlock Relay, all Unlock Relay, every Lock Relay, power Seats
151997: A/C System
151998: Drivers Unlock Relay, all Unlock Relay, all Lock Relay
19251998-2001: PCM power Diode
251997: Ignition Coil, PCM System
207.5RAP Module (1998-2001), Generic digital Module (GEM), Radio, Cellular phone (1999-2001), strength Antenna (1997), Anti-theft (1997)
2115Flasher (Hazard)
2220Auxiliary power Socket
10Turn Signals
231999-2001: Not Used
101997: Rear Wiper System
151998: Turn Signals
247.51999-2001: Clutch Pedal position (CPP) Switch, Starter Interrupt Relay, Anti-Theft
101997: Anti-theft Relay
1998: Not Used
257.5Generic electronic Module (GEM), instrument Cluster, Securi-Lock (1999-2001)
26101998-2001: Battery Saver Relay, Electronic change Relay, interior Lamp Relay, Electronic change Control Module, Power home window Relay (1998), change Control Module (1998), Transmission manage (1998)
101997: 4R70W Overdrive, Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) System, back-up Lamps, rear Defroster Relay
27151999-2001: Daytime to run Lamps (DRL), backup Lamps Switch, DTR Sensor
101997: Underhood Lamp, Map Lights, gloves Box Lamp, Overhead Lamp, Visor Lamps, Accessory Delay, Dimmer switch Illumination
151998: Switch, Daytime running Lamps (DRL), backup Lamps Switch, DTR Sensor, tool Illumination Dimming Module, Dome/Map Lamp, GEM, electric Shift, inner Lights, glove Box Lamp and Switch
287.5Generic electronic Module (GEM), Radio (1998-2001), Memoiy seat (1999-2001)
29252000-2001: Radio
101997: Audio System
151998: Radio
101999: Radio
30151998-2001: Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
1997: Not Used
311998-2001: Not Used
7.51997: Rear Blower engine Relay
32101999-2001: Heated Mirror
7.51997: Heated behind Window
101998: Rear Blower
3315Headlamps, Daytime running Lamps (DRL) Module, tool Cluster
347.51998-2001: Rear integrated Control Parrel, CD
7.51997: Luxury Audio System
357.51999-2001: Rear Blower motor (With EATC)
1997: Not Used
101998: RABS check Connector
367.51998-2001: EATC storage (1999-2001), CD, Rear incorporated Control Panel, Memoiy Seat, post Center
1997: Not Used

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box has high-current fuses that defend your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.


Diagram 1997


№AFused component
Maxi fuses (yellow on the diagram)
130Rear window defrost
230PCM strength relay
320Fuel system, anti-theft system
530ABS system
630ABS system
720Trailer park LP and trailer stop LP
830Battery saver relay and headlamp relay
950Blower motor
1030Power locks, power windows and also power
1120PCM storage and
1250Air ride regulate relay
1360Instrument panel fuse
Mini fuses (red on the diagram)
130JBL system
215Rear wiper system
330Power point
4204WD system
515Air suspension system
615Alternator system
710Air bag system
815DRL/Fog lamps/Off-road lamps
9Not used
10Not used
1120HEGO system
Relay (green on the diagram)
1Wiper run relay
2Horn relay
3Wiper HI/LO relay
4WOT A/C relay
5PCM strength relay
6Fuel pump relay
1ABS diode
2PCM diode
Diagram 1998-2001


№AProtected components
Maxi Fuses (yellow ~ above the diagram)
1601999-2001: I/P Fuse dashboard fuses 1,9, and also 13
501998: I/P Fuse Panel
240Blower engine Relay
3504 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake device (4WABS) Module
4301999-2001: Power Moon Roof, Accessory Relay hold-up (2001), Power windows (1999-2000), strength Seat (1999-2000)
201998: Mainlight Switch, tool Cluster
550Ignition Switch, Starter Relay
620Transfer case Relay
7Not Used
820Air Suspension (Automatic Ride manage ARC switch Off/On Switch)
940Air Suspension (Automatic Ride control Relay)
1030PCM power Relay
Mini Fuses (red top top the diagram)
110A/C Relay
2301999-2001: Heated Seats
201998: Auxiliary strength Point
3301999-2001: Heated Backlight
1998: Not Used
415Fog Lamps and also Daytime running Lamps
51999-2001: Not Used
101998: Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor
610Powertrain manage Module
7304 Wheel Anti-Lock system (4WABS) Module
8151999-2001: Rear Wiper Motor
301998: PCM Relay
920Fuel Pump Relay and also RAP Module
1015Horn Relay
1115Parklamps Relay and also Mainlight Switch
1230Mainlight Switch and also Multifunction Switch
1315Heated Oxygen Sensor, EGR Vacuum Regulator, EVR Solenoid, Camshaft position (CMP) Sensor, Canister Vent Solenoid, A4LD
Automatic infection (1998)
1430Generator/Voltage Regulator
15Not Used
Relay (green on the diagram)
1Wiper Park
3Wiper High/Low
4PCM Power
5Fuel Pump
81999-2001: Rear Wiper Down
1998: Washer Pump
9Blower Motor
101999-2001: Rear Wiper Up
1998: Fog Lamp
Diode / Resistor
11999-2001: Not Used
1998: Resistor: Fuse 7
12000-2001: Daytime to run Lamps Diode
1998: Anti-Lock Brakes Indicator Diode
1999: Not Used
2Electronic Engine Controls Diode

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