1999 Buick Park Ave Serpentine Belt replacement Made easy.1999 VIN K Park avenue 3800 Series. 3 prong 2 bolt motor mount Serpentine Belt Replacement. I uncovered this subject helpful. Http://barisalcity.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31612&page=2We had to perform this task today and thanks come the OP native the thread noted above we were able to filter this down to about 2 hours tops.I have actually noticed there space a lot of civilization looking for info on this specific mounting system and also there is little to no information.Step 1: run the Passenger side of the car up a ramp and also chock the behind tires, this permits for much better access below.Step 2: ar your Jack with a 2x4 cushion under the passenger side or center of the oil pan, operation the jack increase to ar a "Slight" tension against the motor.Step 3: You will certainly be remove the 2 front studs ~ above the 2 front prongs the the engine mount native the engine. Beginning with the optimal one first. The height stud is a 1/4 inch 6 spicy star, we supplied a 1/4 Hex socket easily. Ease this stud however not every the way, leave just a few threads.Step 4: The bottom stud is size 5/16 6 spicy star, we conveniently used a 5/16 Hex socket. It as at her disgretion, however you need to remove the seed from the stud prior to you can remove the stud. The body/frame will certainly be in the method just at the seam once trying to eliminate it.The Stud seed is 11/16.sTEP 5: now that you have actually the bottom stud seed off, unscrew the stud, you will view it hits the frame/body. Making use of an 11/16th Deep fine socket remove the 2 motor mount nuts to the left hold the mount to the frame/body. Realise friend are currently transfering the motor weight down to the jack.Step 6: now remove the height stud completly, traction the bottom stud as much out as you can, lower the jack "Slightly to enable the stud to pass the frame/body. Pull the lower stud out.Step 7: Behind the studs girlfriend will watch there space two metal sleves, readjust the jack if essential to manipulate the 2 sleeves the end of place.Remove the Sleeves.Step 8: v the two sleeves removed from the 2 front prongs ~ above the engine mountain you now have access to eliminate the serpentine belt.Make a diagram/drawing of the belt and also which pulleys that circles prior to removing it, you will certainly regret not doing this.Step 9: The bottom pulleys are the crucial to removeing the old and installing the new belt. Eliminate the belt indigenous the top and also rear pulleys first, working your method forward and down. On slide the old belt v the openings whereby the 2 sleeves were and also remove the from the staying pulleys.Step 10: install the new belt in reverse starting with the bottom pulleys functioning up and rear. Finally, conserve the Alternator pulley for last, adjust the tensioner again, on slide the belt over the alternator pulley and also let the tension earlier on. Your brand-new Belt is on!Step 12: Reinstall the height sleeve and also Stud first! getting the optimal lined up will certainly make the bottom one cake! leaving this one loosened though!Step 13: gaining the bottom sleeve is a bit tricky, but with a small effort you have the right to do it, a tiny push and also a tiny pry but in the finish it will literally drop right in. On slide the stud in and also tighten it back snug, put the nut back on the stud and also snug it tight. Tighten the peak stud up snug and tight!Step 14: Gently and slowly begin jacking the motor back up to whereby a sufficient amount of thread have actually come back through.

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Tighten the nuts back tight and snug.Step 15: after snugging every the nuts and bolts and also ensuring they room tight, lower and also remove the jack. Start and also test the engine to make certain the belt is correct! ago down the ramp and also clean up her mess.You room DONE!I hope ns was together clear and precise as possible and that this little tutorial will conserve someone time, money, and also a headache!Please difficult this if possible, it would seem there was only a very little run through this motor mount mechanism in early on 1999, it is a fully different mechanism than the single bolt or two bolt bracket!