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About 525 W Arlington Pl Chicago, IL 60614

I’m renting the end my studio apartment inLincoln Park. The a good space in a good location (the corner of Fullerton & Clark). There are a ton of great restaurants and also shops within walking distance. The lake is right down the street. Public transit is straightforward with the red heat being about a 10 minute walk, and also bus stops close to by. All of the utilities are contained except for cable and also internet. Over there is a laundry room in the building. You have the right to find free parking top top Fullerton or pay for a allow to park on the street everywhere else. Over there are option to rental spaces together well. Please reach out if you have any kind of questions or desire to check out the place.

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525 W Arlington Pl is one apartment located in chef County, the 60614 ZIP Code, and the attendance zone.

This residential property
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just one mile phibìc of Downtown Chicago and bordering Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park is an iconic neighborhood and also home come the city\"s favorite park. Native the renowned summer destination North Avenue coast to the Lincoln Park Zoo and from the Peggy Notebaert Museum come Steppenwolf Theater, there\"s something for anyone in Lincoln Park -- and the ever-increasing population proves it. Lincoln Park is house to the reputation DePaul University, and students consist of a big portion the the population.

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From the shady, tree-lined roadways to its historic architecture, Lincoln Park is a beautiful community with distinctive character and style. The neighborhood provides great restaurants and shops to exciting events, such together the Chicago handmade Beer Fest and the Lincoln Park Greek Fest. Lincoln Park is known for its music scene, native its blues clubs come the concert at Lincoln Hall.

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Beds mean Size Lowest common Premium
Studio Studio Studio 437-439 Sq Ft $695 $1,446 $4,782
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 721-724 Sq Ft $955 $2,028 $12,000
2 beds 2 beds 2 beds 1227-1228 Sq Ft $800 $3,094 $19,500
3 bed 3 bed 3 beds 1525-1526 Sq Ft $1,595 $3,812 $18,500
4 bed 4 beds 4 beds 2463 Sq Ft $1,065 $4,668 $20,000