Drywall come in plenty of different sizes. Learn how to select the appropriate drywall size and drywall thickness because that your next project.

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Lightweight Drywall Pros and Cons

The new lightweight drywall watch the exact same as constant drywall; the screw spacing is the same; the paper face is the same, and it scores and also cuts the same. The drywall supply yards are large fans that lightweight drywall thickness, because it doesn’t sag as much when forking it around, and the lighter weight reasons less wear and also tear on their delivery trucks. And also of course, it’s lighter!

The core on lightweight is a small harder, so energy knife blades do get duller faster when scoring it. And a drywall rep recently called me that due to the fact that the lightweight drywall has less mass, it’s not as an excellent of a product for sound manage as the old version. Not certain what the distinction in the STC rating is exactly, but it is something to think about.

Lightweight panels are obtainable in typical lengths, including 8-ft., 10-ft., 12-ft., 14-ft. and 16-ft. panels, and come in both in 48-in. and 54-in. widths.

Why Use different Lengths?

Most 5/8-in. And 1/2-in. Panels are accessible up come 16 feet long. Longer lengths assist eliminate or reduce the number of butted seams, or butt joints. A butted seam is produced when the ends of the panels room butted together. Butted seams are unavoidable once the wall surface or ceiling is much longer than the obtainable length that drywall. It’s constantly best to stop butted seams because, uneven the sides of panels, the ends room not tapered, so hiding a butted seam is an ext difficult for the taper.

I have actually visited a most drywall jobsites end the years, and I would certainly say that many of the jobs were stocked with simply 12-ft. lengths. I experienced this as soon as I was out in Eagle Colorado last winter, and we had actually ordered mine usual variety of lengths and also all that confirmed up was 8-ft. and 12-ft. Lengths. The supplier claimed that was all they stocked because that was every anyone ever asked for.

I like using a selection of lengths due to the fact that I finish up with less butted seams. I also believe that ordering a variety of sizes produces less waste and saves time. For example, if a wall is 13 feet long, I will certainly order two 14-ft. sheets and end up with two 12-in. Scraps. If ns only had 12-ft. Sheets available, I would most likely have to cut the size to hit a stud, and then i would have actually to cut and also fit the piece which would certainly be cut out of another 12-ft sheet.

It would certainly take more time to cave the wall using 12-ft. sheets and would certainly take longer to ice the extr butted seams. And oh yeah, there space butted seams that might have to be avoided.

It’s true that ordering fewer size does make a job easier to estimate and easier to stock for the delivery guys. And also the argument might be made that having the length friend need always nearby would conserve time, but less butt joints is less butt joints (even if time saving is a wash).

Why usage 54-in. Drywall?

Again, the less seams/joints the better. Once hanging drywall on wall surfaces that crossing 8-ft. (or lower) ceilings, 2 4-ft.-wide panels that drywall hung horizontally outcomes in just one seam to run the length of the wall. But much more and much more homes space being constructed with 9-ft. Ceiling heights, which means that 4-ft.-wide drywall creates two horizontal seams on every wall.

The best means to prevent the extra seam is to use 54-in.-wide panels. These broader panels are easily accessible in constant drywall and moisture, mold and also fire-resistant panels.

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NOTE: not all drywall suppliers are walk to share the longer lengths or also some the the more committed types that drywall, yet if you plan far sufficient ahead, and also if huge enough amounts are needed, most assets can be unique ordered.

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