The lead singer native the rock band, 30 secs to Mars and the Joker indigenous the movie suicide squad, Jared Leto, is an Oscar-winning actor. The is regarded as the many committed actor in Hollywood and has got some geometrical tattoos; every one of those space a tribute to his absent band. Let’s scroll under to uncover the definition behind his inscriptions.

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1. Alchemy triangles in both Forearms


Tattoo: Alchemy triangles

Meaning: Jared has two alchemy triangles inked ~ above his earlier of both forearms. The tattoos room geometrical and also are the alchemy symbol for air.

2. Echelon X price On his Left Forearm


Tattoo: Echelon X symbol

Meaning: Jared has actually an echelon X price tattoed top top his left forearm. This is just one of the band’s, 30 seconds to mars, logo.

3. Roman inn Arrows top top his both Calves


Tattoo: roman inn Arrows

Meaning: Jared has two roman inn arrows inked on each of his calves. This roman arrows also represents 30 seconds to Mars’ iconography.

4. Orbis Epsilon top top his Back


Tattoo: Orbis Epsilon

Meaning: Jared has actually Orbis epsilon inked on his back. The Orbis epsilon is acquire one of the logos of the absent band. It is a circle divided into two parts and also showing four arrows emerging from it. This is the symbolic relenten of the universe.

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5. Glyph prize On his appropriate Wrist


Tattoo: Glyph Symbol

Meaning: Jared has Glyph symbol inked top top his appropriate wrist. This is the mixture of every the glyphics which to represent his band, 30 seconds to Mars. Fans of the band must have interpreted the tattoo an extremely well.

6. “Provehito in Altum” ~ above his right Chest


Tattoo: “Provehito in Altum”

Meaning: “Provehito in Altum” is the motto that the rock band. Jared has inked this logo on his best side the the chest area near the collar bone. It is a Latin metaphor which method ‘Launch forth right into the deep.’