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I newly purchased a 2012 focus that had actually an airbag deployment and need come send the airbag module away to get it reset. Ns was simply wondering if anyone knew to ar of this module. Thanks.

In the hands of the business tech at a reliable Ford dealership. Part things need to be left come the experts.

maybe the is one expert.I don"t think this will certainly help, yet it is under the center console between the front seat on first gens.
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Maybe that is. That course, if the were, the would currently know wherein it is, or have actually the Ford Focus company manual and that would offer him his answer.Taking points apart is easy, it"s putting them ago together that"s the tricky part.

I have had to look at for many parts on various vehicles. Periodically you need to ask.I will say though, it may not be feasible to simply reset the module itself. Ns don"t know how deep ford went with it, yet some manufacturers call for reprogramming all computers in a certain order.
SR #127 | "02 emphasis SE "Foci" (5.0 RWD - parted) | "75 BMW 2002 "Carby" (racecar) | "98 Jeep grand Cherokee 5.9L (lifted and fast) | "99 BMW 328is (daily).ModeratingGeneral conversation Lounge, general Technical Chat, Ford emphasis & General car Chat, and Rocky mountain Fanatics
Need airbag module helpI as well am needing to recognize the answer come this question. I have actually rebuilt several insurance wrecks, but this center console is more tough to eliminate than any other car I"ve done. I"d prefer confirmation that the airbag module is in fact under the center console favor it is on many vehicles. Second, does anyone understand the actions to remove the center console? ns have already replaced the airbag and this is the last point I must do to obtain that dreaded irradiate to rotate off.

Check the sticky at the optimal of the MK3 subforum for the service manual. I"d i think its in there. An excellent luck
Actually, I discovered the module. There"s a little door top top the passenger left foot dashboard that allows that dashboard to be removed. Behind the panel was the airbag module located simply under and slightly front of the shifter.Now it"s off to They perform a great job through airbag modules, no so lot with chair belt pretensioners.
Have a 2012 Focus, in search of the airbag module location. Thought to it is in under the console, yet I am not sure. Any assist would it is in appreciated! Thanks!
Behind this panel, friend slide turn off a black color plastic waiting duct and the airbag module is sitting there bolted come the floor. I think there to be 3 10mm nuts holding that in place. No other part of the console neeeds to be touched.Remember to disconnect the battery prior to removal or installation.

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That is Great, give thanks to you Dr. Chill, girlfriend truly space a Doctor! The critical one ns done to be on a VW beetle, never ever again, but this one sound a lot of better. Thanks Again!!
My front passenger side curtain bag deployed...I"ll be pulling my module and sending that in as I should replace obelisk sensors? Is over there anything rather I"ll have to replace?
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