Proper fluid maintenance will keep your automobile running smoothly and also lasting long. Transforming the engine oil yourself can save you several time and money, plus it simply feels great to know exactly how to carry out it. If you space a first-time user, don"t be intimidated, we will certainly walk you through every step.

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Follow these steps, and you"ll it is in able to change the oil in her vehicle and also most models in no time. 

What you will need




Engine Oil


First, always be certain to wear suitable safety equipment, gear up through gloves to protect your hands, and also safety glasses for your eyes. Popular music the hood and also remove the engine oil to fill cap to permit air to flow through the crankcase, and also the engine oil will drain faster.Next, jack the automobile up and support the on jack stands. Make certain to use proper lift points, the pinch welds in ~ the really front the the vehicle are frequently a an excellent place, and rubber jack assistance pads are frequently a an excellent idea to use.
Under the earlier of the engine is a steel shield that demands to be removed to get accessibility to the oil pan bolt; that is hosted on by 4 8mm bolts. Unscrew these and also carefully take the metal shield off and collection it aside. 
Place the oil pan under the prior of the engine under wherein the engine oil filter is. 
Next, the oil filter demands to come off; it may unscrew by hand, but much more often 보다 not, one oil filter wrench will certainly be needed. Situate the filter on the prior of the engine perpendicular to the face. 
The oil filter holds around a fifty percent qt. If oil will certainly spill out, make sure to catch any oil in the oil drainpipe pan.
Get your new filter and new oil. Use the brand-new oil come coat the rubber seal on your new oil filter. This will prevent any leaks and also the seal from sticking to the engine block throughout the next oil change. Always be certain to do a visual inspect when the old filter is gotten rid of to for sure the old seal likewise came off; twin sealing the brand-new filter end the old seal will cause engine oil blowing previous the seals.
Screw ~ above the new filter enough, then provide it a quarter turn; this can be done by hand with an excellent grip or very closely with one oil filter wrench placed on the grooves at the end of the filter. Gripping it v the wrench below will no bend or damages it.
Clean up any spilled oil on the engine block or bordering area, such together the framework or metal shield with brake parts cleaner and shop towels.Next, location the oil drain pan underneath the oil pan bolt, be sure to position the oil pan in the direction the oil will come out. Once the oil drains, it will have a steady stream that can shoot as much as a foot, be prepared to move the oil pan if necessary. Eliminate the oil pan bolt through a 15 mm wrench or ratchet and socket.
Let the oil drain until over there is no longer a stream; if that is simply dripping, this is okay to placed the oil pan bolt earlier in.
Always check the oil half bolt threads, make certain it looks good, change if necessary. Screw the bolt ago in and tighten through a wrench or ratchet.
A good bit that elbow grease as soon as tightening v a 3/8 ratchet or box finish wrench is usually enough. Execute not overtighten and strip the threads.After the oil half bolt is tight, usage some brake cleaner and also shop towels and also clean up this area. Ago up peak under the hood, use a funnel in the oil to fill hole, carefully pour the exactly oil capacity into the engine, and replace the oil fill cap. Specifications are down below.
Now is a an excellent time to take the offered oil and also pour the into everything container the brand-new oil come from. Usage a funnel, and also with a stable hand, pour the provided oil into the container. Old oil deserve to be disposed of in ~ auto parts stores or special waste centers.Replace the steel shield and tighten it ago down through its bolts. Remove the jack stands and also place the car on level ground. With the oil at the exactly level, operation the vehicle for a few minutes and do a last visual check underneath to ensure no significant oil leaks, and also you are done! that is never a negative idea to save an eye top top the oil if you are unsure even if it is or no the leak will occur. A intuitive inspection can constantly be done periodically for peace of mind. Reset the oil service reminder via the steering wheel buttons. Use the arrow buttons top top the left next of the steering wheel come scroll all the means to the main menu. Use the arrows to highlight “Display Mode." usage the right arrow to choose it. Scroll under to “Engine Information. Press and also hold the “OK” button for around 3 secs to reset the oil life.

Vehicle Applications

All Ford models and also domestic vehicles, including Ford F-150, F-250, F-450/550 years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 consisting of Super Duty and XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum, and also Limited.

I adjusted my oil; why is my organization oil light on?

The company oil irradiate is a reminder to readjust the oil. After an oil change, this light will go off as soon as the oil life is reset. You can refer to this guide to reset the oil life on her Ford vehicle. Older model Fords might need to be reset in a different way. Frequently this deserve to be done by holding down on the brake and gas pedal while turning the ignition to the ~ above position and holding for around five to ten seconds.

How countless miles deserve to I drive prior to my oil requirements to be readjusted and mine oil life is up?

The oil life percent on Ford is based upon an expression of 7,500 - 10,000 miles thrust in irradiate conditions. There is an intelligent monitoring system in place that detects as soon as a vehicle has thrust in heavy conditions such together towing, steep hills, or offroad, which will decrease oil life, and also a typical company interval in those problems is approximately 5,000 miles.

It is always a safe bet to have actually the oil changed around 5,000 - 7,500 mile if you want to take it extra care. Good maintenance have the right to lead to the longevity of your vehicle.


This 2019 Ford F-150 has a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine. The form of oil and also capacity for this engine is presented below.

Engine oil viscosity - 5w-30Engine oil volume - 6 qt.

Oil Capacity

Ford F150 equipped through 2.7L V6 engine and also 3.5L V6 engine needs 6 quarts that 5W-30 Full artificial Oil. Fords F150 equipped through the 3.3L V6 require 5w-20 and holds 6 quarts that 5W-20 Full synthetic Oil. Fords F-150 equipped with the 5.0L V8 requires 8.8 quarts of 5w-20 full Synthetic.Fords F-150 equipped with the 3.0L V6 diesel engine calls for 6.4 quarts of 5w-30 Full synthetic Diesel Oil.

Ford F150 Won"t start After Oil Change.

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In many cases, a Ford F150 won"t begin after one oil adjust because the auto battery is partly discharged. If friend left the radio or ignition on together you changed the oil on your Ford F150, the battery can have discharged, and also you deserve to no much longer start the truck. 

The battery may be discharged also if the lamp or dashboard transforms on. To get your truck started again, jump-start it. 

Ford F150 short oil push after the oil change

If low oil push light comes on after an oil change, make sure the oil filter is tight. Next, inspect the engine oil level. 

How come reset Ford F150 after ~ an oil change?

Use the arrow buttons top top the left next of the steering wheel come scroll all the method to the main menu.

Use the arrows to highlight Display Mode and use the right arrow to pick it. Scroll under to Engine Information. Press and hold the “OK” switch for around 3 seconds to reset the oil life.