Neutral security Switch replacement Service

How much does a Neutral safety and security Switch instead of cost?

On average, the cost for a Mazda 3 Neutral safety Switch replacement is $153 with $58 for parts and $95 for labor. Prices may vary depending upon your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2008 Mazda 3L4-2.3LService typeNeutral safety Switch ReplacementEstimate$230.45Shop/Dealer Price$269.32 - $363.41
2007 Mazda 3L4-2.3L TurboService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$210.45Shop/Dealer Price$249.33 - $343.44
2004 Mazda 3L4-2.0LService typeNeutral safety and security Switch ReplacementEstimate$210.45Shop/Dealer Price$249.33 - $343.44
2005 Mazda 3L4-2.3LService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$210.45Shop/Dealer Price$249.31 - $343.40
2010 Mazda 3L4-2.3L TurboService typeNeutral safety Switch ReplacementEstimate$210.45Shop/Dealer Price$249.35 - $343.47
2016 Mazda 3L4-2.5LService typeNeutral safety Switch ReplacementEstimate$231.33Shop/Dealer Price$275.43 - $385.20
2011 Mazda 3L4-2.0LService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$215.45Shop/Dealer Price$254.20 - $348.20
2017 Mazda 3L4-2.5LService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$236.33Shop/Dealer Price$280.67 - $390.62

What is the Neutral safety and security Switch every about?

The neutral safety switch keeps the automobile from beginning when in any kind of gear position various other than Park or Neutral. In part vehicles, the switch additionally monitors gear choice and turning back light feedback data for the vehicle’s computer. Many often placed to the left-hand side of the transmission, the switch is fitted in vehicles with a transaxle or automatically transmission. Some automobile neutral safety and security switches room attached come the shifter mechanism.

Keep in mind:

Connected to the starter solenoid, the neutral security switch completes the starter circuit, enabling the power from the battery to reach the starter just while the gearshift remains in Park or Neutral.The mechanic will inspect the other systems in your vehicle’s ignition system, such as the starter, battery, and alternator, to make sure those parts are not bring about the problem.As a auto ages, the neutral security switch deteriorates.

How it"s done:

The vehicle is raised and supported ~ above jack stands. The transmission change lever and also cable are removed. The electrical connector is eliminated from the switch.

The neutral safety and security switch is gotten rid of from the transmission. The transmission column seal is checked for leaks and also replaced together needed.

The new neutral safety and security switch is installed on come the selector shaft and also secured when aligning for proper installation alignment.

The transition lever and transition cable are reinstalled. The car is confirm for ideal neutral safety and security switch operation before the vehicle is lowered turn off the jack stands.

The vehicle is scanned for codes and also proper move indication of equipment ranges and road tested for appropriate operation.

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Our recommendation:

Replace a faulty neutral safety and security switch as quickly as possible; otherwise, the vehicle will avoid working or experience engine damage. Once the switch does not work properly, the automobile might jump into equipment upon startup. This no only causes damage to the engine itself, yet poses a good physical danger to surrounding objects and people. Our professional mechanics will diagnose the neutral security switch to watch if it requirements adjustment.

Transmissions the exhibit excessive vibrations reason the move to go out of alignment over time, which makes automobile ignition an ext difficult. As soon as inspecting the neutral safety switch, our skilled mechanics check for dirt and also grease build-up, moisture, and also corrosion. Lock will likewise use a check light to check a connection through the move to the starter solenoid.

What typical symptoms suggest you may need to replace the Neutral safety and security Switch?

Engine transforms over in any kind of gear, indicating that the neutral safety switch go not job-related properly and also needs replacement vehicle doesn’t rotate over once in Park or Neutral examine Engine Light transforms on after ignition

How important is this service?

Replace a faulty neutral safety switch promptly, as driving there is no a sensible switch presents a risk to other drivers, passengers, and also those about the vehicle. A faulty neutral safety and security switch damages the engine, together the car jerks into equipment upon startup. The turning back lights can stop functioning on part vehicles, which creates a safety risk especially throughout inclement weather or nighttime.