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We looked at the owners manual and also found the paragraph on the time belt. Honda says a change at 60,000 when:You towWhen you journey in temps over 110When you journey in temps listed below 0It does no tell friend if you execute none of those points (which us don"t), once you readjust your timing belt.We room not ready to pay $600 for a belt/hose we"re hoping some of you can get us increase to rate on what you"ve done, or what Honda "recommends".We space hoping it will certainly be later, rather than sooner.BTW, we"re at 60,000 now...and wonder why this isn"t handle a bit clearer in the owner manual. Searched the forum under "timing belt" and also nothing come up the hit this pond on the head.Thanks all!


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A factory timing belt will quickly last 100,000 miles if the automobile is used in reasonable conditions. The MM will certainly advise that the encourage replacement, but as one owner you should plan on it coming roughly the 90-100k mark. The is one expensive repair - ranging from 500-900 bucks relying on labor rates and also parts prices, for this reason you"ll desire to plan for it. Too often world are totally oblivious come it and also when challenged with the cost, decline the required maintenance. V an interference engine, such together in Honda"s, if the timing belt division or jumps time, the pistons can come into call with the valves and cause considerable damage.HT
I noticed virtual at that they have actually maintenance advice for numerous vehicles by version year. I have actually a 2006 Ridgeline RT. They advise timing belt instead of at 60K, conversely, a 2007-08 claims 105K. I additionally see many items seem come be excellent at previously mileage intervals because that the 2006 than 2007-08. I usage this site due to the fact that I dislike the MM and the schedule I got fro the dealer seems to it is in a rip-off.
That"s close to the lifetime of the pump and the belt needs to come turn off to change it. It"s no an high value part, and also most of the labor is already paid for.
I am no disputing her claim, i would favor to know the resource of her assertion. Is there a table/resource us can access showing expected lifetimes of components for the RL?
My accord is in ~ 110 and also I will be act the belt in the next week or so. I have a girlfriend that has actually a 1990 crx that he tows his jet skis through he has 310 miles has not adjusted his belt (yet) i don"t introduce it.

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I am not disputing her claim, ns would like to understand the resource of your assertion. Is over there a table/resource we can access showing meant lifetimes of parts for the RL?
I don"t understand of any kind of such table. The source of my assertion is my own opinion and also the opinion of the mechanics who have replaced water pumps in mine vehicles end the years. They are a very straightforward device, but they have bearings and also seals, i beg your pardon wear out. If you carry out some study on when Honda owners changed their water pump, girlfriend would find that it was somewhere in between 100K and also 200K miles.The water pump is pushed by the timing belt top top the Ridgeline engine and likewise on numerous other Honda engines. Replacing the belt is a standard maintenance article to avoid catastrophic engine failure. That is a major service item. The cost of the water pump is $126.53. The expense of the time belt replacement is approximately $500. To me, and to numerous Honda owners and mechanics, it makes sense to change the water pump at the same time together the timing belt due to the fact that most that the labor price is because that replacing the belt.Hope this helps.
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