Q. I was stunned to uncover that my new car doesn’t have actually a preventive tire. Was ns ripped off?


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 Not really. End the past 5 years, around 10 percent the the cars tested by consumer Reports came through a full-sized spare. Around 60 percent came through a short-lived (aka an are saver) preventive tire, and also the rest were equipped v a sealant kit or a run-flat tire, or nothing in ~ all. 

About a third of brand-new cars today carry out not come with a preventive tire, though they might additionally be equipped through a compressor and sealant kit to temporarily deal with a level tire. Part cars without a spare come v a run-flat tire, which is designed to operate for a minimal distance after losing air indigenous a usual puncture.

Carmakers are skipping the spare due to the fact that of regulatory press to squeeze more miles out of every gallon that fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually include to a car’s load helps to increase fuel economy slightly. (It likewise incidentally increases automakers’ profits because they don’t have to pay because that those parts.)

The difficulty is that a sealant kit won’t assist you if a tire’s sidewall it s okay sliced or if the flat is resulted in by more extensive damages than a tread puncture. If you desire to be all set for any type of level tire, think about a spare-tire kit, which has a tire, jack, and lug wrench. These kits start at approximately $150.

“Know how your automobile is equipped before you take it delivery,” states Chris Jones, a certified mechanic and also tire technician at CR. “Don’t assume the automobile you’re around to buy has actually a preventive tire. The ideal time to find out is in the showroom—so girlfriend can additionally use it as a negotiating point—not ~ above the next of the roadway after you’ve had a flat.”

Editor’s Note: This write-up has to be updated due to the fact that it very first appeared in the September 2018 concern of customer Reports magazine.

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