The 2007 through 2012 Dodge Caliber has a transmission that confprovides a lot of world.

On the majority of all vehicles, tbelow is a dipstick for the oil and also transmission fluid levels. The process is simple. Pull the dipstick and also review the oil, or fluid levels. If it is low, then you would add even more of the form of liquid it calls for. as soon as looking at the peak of the engine and also transmission for this automobile, the dipstick for the oil is incredibly straightforward to situate.Clat an early stage the yellow handle is for the oil. When browsing the remainder of the engine compartment, tright here is no various other dipstick.

That’s because this automobile has a transmission that is not recommended to be serviced by anyone that is not certified on this certain transmission.

However tright here is a means to examine the level, and also to top it off too.

Keep in mind you will certainly need to look up your transobjectives specs for the proper kind of fluid according to your make, version, and year.

Look in the engine compartment to the ideal. (Drivers side) alert the battery accessibility cover.To the left of the cover, and also listed below the cover is a red cap on top of the transmission. This place is where you will add the manufactures recommended transmission oil for your vehicle.Now to recognize if you need to peak off your transmission liquid via the manufactures recommfinished transmission oil. You will certainly have to acquire under the car. This particular transmission has actually a plug on the side of the transmission just like a standard transmission, or rear finish plug. You will certainly require a ¾ inch ratchet wrench to remove the plug.

After rerelocating the plug, area a small container under the car directly under the plug hole. This is to capture any type of liquid that comes out of the transmission plug hole. Go earlier to the engine compartment and remove the red transmission plug that is located under the battery accessibility cover.

Place a funnel into this hole. Slowly include your manufacture recommended transmission liquid. After pouring a ounce or even more. Look under the auto and also check out if it is coming out the transmission plug hole. If it is, speak you are complete of the manufacture recommended transmission fluid. If the liquid does not come out of the transmission plug hole, Repeat the action and also pour one more ounce or so into the transmission. Continue these actions, till fluid drips out. When it does, your transmission is at the correct level. Be certain that your automobile is sitting as level as feasible. Tighten the plug ago right into the hole, and replace your red transmission cap.

So in short, this specific transgoals fluid level is extremely equivalent to the filling of fluids on a typical transmission, carry instance, and rear differentials. The liquid level will certainly go in at the optimal of the transmission, and drip out the side of the transmission as soon as it is complete. This enables you to never over fill the transmission. In most situations it is harder on a transmission if the liquid level is to high then if it was as well low. Happy driving in your Dodge Caliber.

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43 thoughts on “2007 via 2012 Dodge Caliber Transmission Overview”

Andre Smith April 18, 2019

I have a 08 caliber RT drove 2 hr strait at 65 mph then the trans temp light came on 20 min later on I lost power the automobile began to crawl pulled over waited a while then the temp light went out and drove fine aget can anyone help me via what causes this thx

Mike Franco July 9, 2019

This is a well-known worry with Dodge Caliber transgoals. They used the Jatco CVT transmission. And anybody that knows about them knows that Jatco renders the WORST transobjectives and also they are discovered largely in Nissans. For some reason Dodge went through this transmission and also it is a recognized issue through these points to have actually the transmission liquid overwarmth, leading to the temp light to come on and also make your car crawl forward. It’s happened to me numerous times. There’s really nothing that can be done because it’s a poorly designed transmission, unmuch less you desire to take a gamble on a new jatco CVT to put in the thing which is a waste of money in my opinion. I would just live via it for now till it really won’t work-related anymore

Bri October 20, 2018

Wbelow have the right to I find the transmission plug on the 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT? I uncover no videos reflecting wright here to find it.

Jonathan August 1, 2019

On the side of the transmission below the electrical plug link.

Omojasola Olatunji June 28, 2018

Hi, my. Dodge caliber 2007 transmission not changing. It drives and reverse when put to either D or R, yet not transforming on movement. Any immediate aid or suggestion pls?

Henry April 8, 2018

2011 Dodge Caliper was feeling favor it was changing funny. Readdressed my issue by changing out the COIL ON BOOT PLUG. THEY are located on on all 4 sparks plug coils on boot plug made of rubber. entirety job done at home for $28.00 dollars total at O’reilly auto parts parts part number 99-212 Ultima Secect company. blow is the connect to the components to get began. the following link is a snapshot of the coils you put the boots on.



Angelo May 9, 2018

Just curious to know… how does changing the ignition coils impact any kind of shifting issues???

Segun Adeniyi October 9, 2017

Hi Thomas, I have actually a 2009 Dodge Caliber, I freshly readjusted the transmission from a running 2008 caliber to my 2009, just to uncover after the swap, the transmission not altering to 2-3-4 yet was fine in the old vehicle, perform I should reregime the transmission to the brand-new auto or what? I am curious! I will appreciate your prompt response. Thanks

Tracey July 20, 2017

I have a 2011 Cailber. As I recognize the transmission fluid has actually never before been adjusted (I’ve had actually the auto nearly 2 years). It is jerking while driving and my RPM’s STAY high even through the cruise on about 2-3 RPM. It likewise has actually a loud noise that it constantly renders. Like a whining noise. I deserve to always tell when my husband is coming dvery own the road because of the noise. I have began placing higher grade gas in and the jerking has actually pretty a lot stopped. But I’m wondering if anyone else has actually had this noise worry or high RPM worry. I’m reasoning that the transmission fluid demands changed…

David June 12, 2017

Ive freshly had actually to change my transmission oil cooler after an accident. This resulted in a loss of fluid which I’m trying to refill, unfortunately I cant seem to uncover shelp 3/4″ plug for the life of me. Ive looked on the sides, and the optimal. The only plug Im able to locate is one recessed plug on the optimal. Does anyone have a photo of this plug?

Scott July 18, 2017

Mine doesn’t either, however it does have a pan. I’m wondering if there is an “in-between” CVT. It does have actually the very same stupid fill tube with no dip-stick. Plus, I just checked and Auto Zone does lug a filter and also pan gasket for it. I additionally can’t find the plug to pull out to achieve the appropriate level.

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Jesse April 12, 2017

Hi I very own a 2008 Dodge Caliber cvt 4 cylinder and also once the auto is put on reverse or drive it stalls 2 to 3 secs I likewise proficient the temp light coming on 20 minutes right into driving on the freemeans I took the auto to Ammco transmission shop in Fontana ca they told me two codes popped up p0777 and also p0700 they told me it would need a complete tear dvery own for a new transmission . The auto doesn’t make any type of stvariety noises deserve to some one offer me some advice I would certainly really appreciate it . Thanks

Tbones May 25, 2017

Hey did u ever before gain a answer around your automobile my is doing the very same thing

Brian Clarke July 11, 2016

Hello Thomas, my 2008, with 5 spd hand-operated tranny, all of a sudden, clutch went best to the floor. Was unable to readjust gears at all. Fortunate, as I was entering the drivemeans, so as soon as I revolve the engine off and rebegan, it jerked forward and also was able to obtain it parked. I have not been able to situate a liquid leak, was also unconscious that their are 2 reservoirs? Any assistance would certainly be appreciated.Brian

RANDY June 10, 2016

I scanned for codes and also found p0730 incorrect gear ratio and p0777 secondary push solenoid stuck on. I was told I must readjust it to watch if it would certainly aid. I own a repair shop and have 35+ years in automotive market and have actually adjusted a number of other models fluid and also filter on the ( non serviceable) trans however not this specific one. I have actually a snap on modis ultra and also a autell to inspect the fluid

Rebecca May 24, 2016

Hi tbelow, I have actually a 2012 Caliber and I newly took my auto in to get an oil adjust and also the mechanic told me my battery access cover (favor the one you have pictured) was left sitting in the wrong area and also has actually been melted badly, and I have to replace it. They said this was vital to replace to defend from debris and warmth. Do I really require this cover on my car? I feel favor this is not an important item that requirements replacing.

Thanks for any type of advice!

Melinda Jones May 12, 2016

I have a 07 caliber, however as soon as I mash on the gas, it’s favor it won’t go and also it start trembling does it mean the fluids deserve to be low. Melinda.

Rene Villar May 6, 2016

Hello Thomas, say thanks to you for your instructions. Look, I have a 2007 Caliber r/t motor 2.4. It’s autostick (as you know) yet once I put in Dirve it takes 2 or 3 seconds to move. The same thing occurs once I put Reverse. After that the vehicle functions perfectly. Do you have actually any kind of idea around this?

B thomas July 13, 2016

Tbelow is not sufficient fluid press. Low liquid will certainly not cause this. It is the push of the liquid itself. It sounds prefer you have actually a dirty transmission filter. If this does it when it is cold just then you might have a changing solenoid going out. But if it does it even when you have actually been driving for 20 min or more , then it is more than likely a dirty filter. I hope this helps you out. Enjoy !!

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