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After driving the car for about 50 minutes this morning the ETC light came on and also maintained flashing. Pulled over and also book shelp get to dealer. Does anyone recognize what might be wrong and also how a lot it"ll price to repair as the automobile is just 6 days over the warranty duration. also a pair of days earlier noticed a pink liquid on the drive. Any assist would be the majority of appreciated:kap:

First we have to diagnose the CEL (Check Engine Light) code to recognize simply what is wrong. In our Knowledge Base is an instruction on just how to display screen the trouble code. Go here: out.php?t=1817Have a piece of paper and also pencil handy to write dvery own the codes. Then, post them up right here. We will be able to decipher them and also imply a solve or course of activity.With regards to the pink liquid, it sounds prefer transmission fluid. The leak is brought about by a faulty O-Ring at the TCM plug in. There is a Technical Service Bulletin out on this. Talk via your dealer on that repair.I hope this is beneficial. Article up the code(s) you acquire and we"ll take it from there.


Thank you for that. we are still waiting for the dealer to speak to us earlier regarding what to perform following, so we had actually to come house on the train tonight, which didn"t aid. will certainly acquire hime to perform the inspect and also create down the codes and let you recognize what they are.The car was driving fine, he did think it was a little bit slow this morning once he initially began it, as if it didn"t prefer the cold. Must admit he"s had actually a grin favor a cheshire cat considering that he got the auto, as he"s wanted among these for ages, yet i kept saying they were too expensive.


Hey marietown, follow what MADDOG shelp and if it is a faulty O ring at the plug in and you feel prefer fixing it yourself, tbelow is a compose up for it. It"s not as well negative. Dealership would certainly charge you a great chunck.
Morning, sorry i hand"t checked my spelling yes "hime" is the hubby. he did the on/ACC this morning yet it came up through no codes just------ he additionally did the fusage 11 however that"s made the engine monitoring light come on. The dealer ultimately referred to as us last night on our way residence, and also said he"ll watch what he have the right to carry out as the vehicle is stil within the warranty he offered us once we bought the vehicle. Hopecompletely he"ll acquire it sorted and also repaired sensibly easily as it expenses us £80 a day in fares to commute right into london for work-related, so at the minute he is having to drive my little Micra which he hates, right into occupational, and also even i should admit, i execute miss out on the smooth ride in, and the reality that my vehicle takes around 20 minutes much longer to perform the same journey.
hmmm...well, tright here obviously is a problem yet I suspect the first problem is just a sensor. No codes??? That"s inexplicable with the ETC light on. The transmission liquid leak is a simple repair. Since you have warranty, you must be taken care of easily and also completely.Let us recognize exactly how that goes!
You"d think that wouldn"t you, however so far, the dealer hasn"t contacted us to ararray for the repair, all we gain is he"s out or on the phone and he doesn"t rerevolve our calls. If he does not by the finish these days, i am just going to call him and tell him either he sorts it, or we will certainly and also send him the bill.
Finally gained hold of the dealer and also he states he can not discover a Chrysler dealer close to us that will execute the work-related, so he"s told us to get it fixed and sfinish him the bill, only hope it doesn"t take as well lengthy to fix as john"s almost 6ft and looks all squashed in my little bit Micra
Well, great of him to stand also behind what he sold however just how are you going to discover someone that will certainly occupational on it? No Chrysler dealers close to you?I"m sure John simply loves getting squished in the Micra...LOL
Luckily the garage that looked after our old vehicle (rover 75) shelp they"d have actually a look at it on monday, i have published out the details on exactly how to change the O Ring, yet he shelp he didn"t require it. i"m simply hoping that it is that, as i"m not too certain just how good their expertise is off the 300c. Unfortunately we live in St Neots, tiny village near Cambridge and also work in London, for some factor the Chrysler dealer near didn"t want to touch the vehicle as it"s 6 days out of the manufacturers warranty. Will let you recognize how we acquire on tomorrow
Have just been told that tright here is a leak, they hope to fix it today/tomorrow depending on as soon as they can get the part. I understand John is thinking yippee. Thanks for your help
Have just been told that they"ve reinserted the O-Ring and topped up the liquid, but it hasn"t sorted the problem, the mechanic states the automobile is still in limp mode and also is coming up through three error messperiods on his diagnostics. Will get those and also let you understand what they are. At the moment i am acquiring really fed up with it. Been off the road for a week so far and also we don"t seem any nearer to gaining it resolved.
These are the codes the mechanic has come up versus, any type of hints what could be wrong via it know.Codes coming up are for Pedal soloniod valve supply voltage faulty code PO657 Transmission oil temp sensor electric fault in curcuit PO710 Turbine imput supply solinoid incorrect P0717
Try pulling fuse 11 (auto shutoff/PCM) for a minute, then reinstall and also begin the auto. They may clear just fine currently that the leak has actually been mechanically repaired.

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Have told mechanic to pull fuse 11, he tried that this morning and also it still hasn"t addressed it. He shelp the vehicle goes however only in limp mode.
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