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So the oil volume with new filter is like 2.9 quarts. Is it bad just to put 3 quarts in and also call it good?

I"ve found that also with a complete drain and also refill 3 quarts brings the oil level over the vision glass on mine 650. 2.8-2.9 seems better.
I played through this the last time I changed the oil and filter on mine 650.If friend put about 2.5 Q in after draining and changing the filter that comes up to the reduced markif you placed 2.75Q in that come up to the topyou start the bike and also let it run for a minute, and also it drops under in the add oil to carry it to the optimal of the window, then begin it again and also it drops under some again.At this suggest I stated screw it and also put the rest of the 3 quarts in. Through my ideal efforts 3 quarts is always a little bit over the top mark in the window everytime I check itbut there does no seem come be any down next to gift slightly over the top note on a 650 - 26,000 miles under my target so far and also no issues.
2005 Vstar 650 totally stock cycle with fast release windshield, fork deflectors, and also trunk in location of passenger seat2000 royal Star Boulevard "Ursa" (the She-Bear) completely stock, windshield continues to be in the garage v saddle bags uneven needed

Kcw, ns agree. The company manual had three various capacities.3.4 united state quarts. (I assume is when situations are split)2.8 united state quarts because that the regular change.3.0 us quarts once filter is changed.I do not have any type of oil blowing the end anywhere and it is over sight glass similar to you said.

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