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I am looking right into a trouble that a loved one is having actually with his 2007 ranger 700xp. The is beginning and idles an excellent but will not acquire above around 4000 rpm and is simply bogging down. I have actually searched top top forums and also everything is pointing to a fuel issue. I have not experiment the fuel press yet and plan ~ above doing it soon. I am guessing the pump is weak or the display is clogged. I have seen ~ above the forums the they deserve to remove the fuel pump from the tank. The just things is all the threads where they space removing the pump, the tank has actually a threaded seed to unscrew. This tank has actually rivets that is hold the fuel pump come the tank. Has actually anyone effectively removed the pump assy from the layout of tank that we are dealing with?? Any aid would be appreciated.

The factory 2007 has actually screws in the peak of the tank that secures the fuel pump assembly. Is this not the situation with your al ? The "replacement " tanks, the ones Polaris MADE girlfriend buy to get a new 20 dissension fuel pump. Were of a screw in type. If you have actually rivets, i beg your pardon I have never seen on umpteen 700 Rangers, you would need to drill castle out and also clean the end the tank, change the pump (about 17 dollars native ALBA gyeongju on EBAY) .
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It definitely has rivets. I confirm twice and then had my uncle check it again after i didn"t see any type of posts about rivets holding it on. I have actually a fuel pump coming because that it and will drill the rivets the end to obtain at the pump. We space going to have to figure to a way to reattach it to the tank when the time comes.
It definitely has rivets. I checked twice and then had actually my uncle check it again after i didn"t see any posts around rivets holding the on. I have a fuel pump coming for it and will drill the rivets out to acquire at the pump. Us will have actually to figure to a method to reattach it come the tank when the time comes.

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Mine to be attached come the tank through 6 Phillips head screws. Due to the fact that I purchase the Ranger provided I have actually no idea if it had actually been replaced by the ahead owner however it appeared to it is in original. There were threaded inserts molded right into the tank. I had replaced the pump in might of this year yet it quit functioning again 2 weeks ago. I gotten rid of the assembly and the metal part was rusted favor it had actually been exposed to humidity so I have actually no clue regarding where the moisture entered the tank unless it was thru the vent tube. 2 the the 3 pins ~ above the wire harness on the tank side of the assembly had damaged off. Make the efforts to locate a supplied one thru a rescue yard yet no luck.One want to offer the pump & tank together a unit for $200 and the various other was wait on one to arrive. Both are located in southern Georgia & i live outside Atlanta for this reason no go. I think a figured out a method to repair the harness. Likewise I have constantly used non ethanol gas I will certainly update with pics later on if that works.