i require to recognize where the stock amp is located in my 2000 gmc yukon ring body. My rear column speakers and also my share subwoofer wires get no power. I currently search for any kind of blown fuses in the cab and under the hood therefore the only thing left is to examine the share amp. You re welcome help. Thanks

its actually pretty darn difficult to reach. However if your going to offer it a shot its ~ above the passenger next behind the glove box. I would certainly doubt that the amp if all the other speakers occupational though.

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thats what ns thought but im not sure exactly how many networks the manufacturing facility amp has. Maybe that channel is blown. Im gonna be gaining some an ext door speaker installed together with a new amp for them and i likewise have some bullet horns that i desire to put ago in the rear pillars as i had before but ns wanna obtain this worked out first, anymore ideas would be significantly appreciated.


imputting castle in the behind pillars mainly for pour it until it is full the rear v some sound, especially due to the fact that im constantly opening the behind to entertain through friends. I had them in the rear before and loved the method the rang out and that to be without an aftermarket amp........are over there any certain reasons why my rear pillar speakers and factory sub has actually no strength to the wires?

not recently. But when i had actually the bullet horns in ns blew among them since they were used already. When trying to install another collection i ended up touching the wires together but that didnt do anything. The wasnt until a couple of days ~ that when i lost all power to the behind pillars. ~ trying out various speakers i decided to shot out the wires to run to my manufacturing facility sub and there to be no strength there either. After check the fuses ~ above the next of the dash and also under the hood i decided that the amp can be defective. Remeber it is an 8yr old truck.
it could be the horns have actually a reduced impedence? ns cant aid you to lot on that stock amp cause i never had actually to work-related on it because i ran new wires and also got a different amp.
ok i recognize its not the bullet horns since i make the efforts 3 various sets that speakers, cartridge horns, reg. Horns, and also factory speakers. Exactly how do you bypass the manufacturing facility amp anyway?
you dont precisely bypass it. If your wanting to run a aftermarket amp climate you will should run all new wires come the doors and wherever else you need it.i was reasoning the impedence top top the bullets would certainly be lower than the share speakers for this reason burning the end a channel maybe.
ok ~ running new wires to the door speakrs is should the factory amp it is in unplugged or will certainly it create a problem when unpluged? additionally i witnessed on one more site (cant mental where) that the factory amp was about the size of a deodorant stick and also located just above the brake and gas pedals.

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its behind the glove box and pretty tough to acquire to. Yet you have the right to leave it plugged in. And its not the dimension of a deodorant rod lawl.